Chocobo’s Dungeon: The Board Game Launches In The US, Available Now At Amazon

Chocobo’s Dungeon: The Board Game offers a nostalgic experience reminiscent of the original video games. Players will guide Chocobo through a dynamic multi-floor dungeon that presents new challenges each time you play. Prepare to encounter traps, collect valuable items, engage in battles with iconic Final Fantasy monsters, and, if you have the skill, confront the formidable final boss, Behemoth.

This cooperative game is tailored for 1-4 players, working together to navigate Chocobo through the treacherous dungeon. The game box contains Chocobo and Reaper figures, a comprehensive rulebook, three double-sided dungeon boards, a boss tile board, 100 playing cards, as well as an assortment of counters and tokens to enhance the gaming experience.