The Boys Season 4, Episode 4 Review – “Wisdom of the Ages”

This Review Contains Full Spoilers for The Boys Season 4, Episode 4

It’s refreshing to delve into a single episode of The Boys once more. After a spoiler-free review of Season 4 and a closer look at the show’s three-episode premiere, we are now back to a weekly pace with “Wisdom of the Ages.” This episode revolves around two primary plotlines: Firecracker’s anti-Starlight event and Homelander’s family reunion in Vought’s facilities. Homelander embarks on a journey to become the ideal father figure, leading him back to the traumatic origins at the big red door in Vought’s underground labs. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse for everyone involved.

The Homelander Show

“Wisdom of the Ages” essentially centers around Homelander, Vought’s Commandant America, as he descends into the underground facility where he was subjected to experimentation. Despite attempting a humorous decoy with Carvel’s Fudgie the Whale cake, the visit quickly turns violent. Homelander seeks revenge on anyone who has wronged him, even going after “Marty” for giving him the nickname “Squirt.” This subplot, while revealing more about Homelander and his vengeful nature, slightly overshadows the episode with its shock-driven narrative.

Firecracker vs. Starlight

The rivalry between Firecracker and Starlight intensifies as Firecracker hosts her Vought-sponsored show, Truthbomb, just across the street from Starlight House HQ. Pushing conspiracy theories accusing Starlight’s organization of pedophilia, Firecracker displays her patriotism in a grotesque manner. The dynamic between Firecracker and Sister Sage adds another layer of drama to the storyline, especially as Sister Sage orchestrates events from the shadows.

Exploring Relationships

Sister Sage’s relationship with The Deep provides comedic relief, highlighting the challenges of being the smartest person in the room. Meanwhile, Hughie grapples with familial issues and collaborates with A-Train, adding depth to both characters. The evolving dynamics within The Seven keep the narrative engaging and intriguing.

Butcher’s Evolution

Butcher’s character arc takes a significant turn in this episode as he grapples with his inner demons and hallucinations. His unwavering commitment to protecting those he cares about drives him to confront Homelander and other supes, despite his deteriorating health. The complexities of Butcher’s character shine through in his actions.

Wrap Up

Overall, “Wisdom of the Ages” presents a mix of intense drama, character development, and unresolved plot threads. While some elements may feel rushed or overcrowded, the action and humor of the episode remain on point. The Boys Season 4 continues to deliver compelling storytelling, even as it navigates through its challenges.