Palworld Boss Says A Switch Release Could Be “Hard” Due To Technical Reasons

Palworld: Will It Ever Come to Nintendo Switch?

Palworld made a splash with its launch on Xbox and PC earlier this year, but fans are wondering if it will ever make its way to Nintendo’s current generation console.

In an interview with Game File, Pocketpair CEO Takuro Mizobe discussed the challenges of porting the game to the Switch. According to Mizobe, Palworld’s high specs could make it difficult to bring to the Switch due to technical limitations. However, with the upcoming release of the Switch’s successor, there may still be hope for the game to land on a Nintendo platform in the future.

While discussions are ongoing about expanding Palworld to new platforms, Pocketpair has not made any official announcements yet. Mizobe’s remarks come on the heels of The Pokémon Company acknowledging the game’s existence earlier this year.

Recently, Pocketpair revealed the Sakurajima Update for Palworld, set to introduce a new island, new Pals, dedicated servers on Xbox, new buildings, increased level caps, new subspecies, new raids, and more on June 27, 2024.

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