How to get Verdigris Discus Talisman in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Where to discover the Verdigris Discus Talisman

To locate the Verdigris Discus Talisman in Shadow of the Erdtree, you must first open a portal using an Imbued Key. Here is how to find it:

Where to discover the Imbued Key in Shadow of the Erdtree

There is only one Imbued Key in the DLC, and it can be found early on. After defeating Rellana, head to the Castle Lords Chamber Site of Grace outside her arena. Proceed down the stairs and backtrack through the Castle until you find a lift and a Knight guarding a bridge with a chest inside a tower opposite. This chest contains the Imbued Key needed to reach the Verdigris Discus Talisman location.

If you haven’t beaten Rellana yet, continue through her castle until you reach the same bridge.

How to access the Verdigris Discus Talisman

With the Imbued Key in hand, use it on a portal to reach the Ruins of Rauh. Head to the Highroad Cross Site of Grace, then travel west, down the ravine, and past the giant. Look for a small tower in the middle of a shallow lake, where you can place your Imbued Key to open the Shadow of the Erdtree portal to the Verdigris Discus Talisman.

Activate the portal and pass through to reach the talisman.

What is the function of the Verdigris Discus Talisman?

Carrying a heavy load with the Verdigris Discus Talisman in your possession allows you to deal more damage. While this may be appealing for some players, the sacrifice in movement speed may not be worth it for others. Consider finding the Golden Braid talisman for enhanced defense against holy attacks, particularly useful for endgame challenges.