Where to find the Flame of Frenzy (secret ending)

Elden Ring Secret Ending Guide: How to Find the Flame of Frenzy and Three Fingers to Save Melina

The secrets of Elden Ring are vast and varied, with multiple endings waiting to be discovered. One such ending involves the Flame of Frenzy, also known as the Lord of Frenzied Flames, which allows you to save Melina from a sacrificial fate. Here’s a guide to help you uncover this hidden path.

As you journey through the Mountaintops of the Giants, you’ll encounter an NPC resembling Yura, who will provide crucial information about the Flame of Frenzy and Three Fingers. This mysterious figure hints at a different outcome where your own sacrifice could spare Melina from her intended destiny at the Forge of the Giants.

Note: Pursuing this ending will overwrite all other options post-final boss battle, following the completion of requirements for Witch Ranni and Fia. By following the steps outlined below, you can also acquire the coveted Ronin Armor set at Yura’s location.

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The key to unlocking the Flame of Frenzy and Three Fingers lies in descending into the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds, far beneath the Erdtree Capital. Within this dark expanse, you’ll discover the Cathedral of the Forsaken and face off against Mohg the Omen in a daunting boss battle. Keep an eye out for valuable loot such as the Erdtree’s Favor +1 talisman along the way.

Another clue hints at an unconventional approach illustrated in a promotional image on the Steam store page. Strip down your character to bare essentials in front of a peculiar altar to reveal a hidden passage leading further into the depths.

Site Of Grace Altar
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Navigate precarious ledges and overcome obstacles to reach a glowing item on a small ledge within the underground labyrinth. Gather valuable items like the Inescapable Frenzy spell and Fingerprint Stone Shield as you progress towards your goal.

Elden Ring Flame Of Frenzy Fall
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Descend deeper into the depths until the ground collapses beneath you, leading to a pivotal moment at the Site of Grace. Remove your weapons and attire once more to unveil the Three Fingers, a symbolic gesture of your newfound power.

Three Fingers
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Witness a brief cinematic as the Three Fingers envelop your character, marking the beginning of a transformative journey towards saving Melina by harnessing the Flame of Frenzy. Embrace your fate and prepare to face the challenges that lie ahead before the story reaches its conclusion.

This unique ending may alter the course of your journey, offering a different perspective on the sacrifices made in the world of Elden Ring. Remember, every choice you make has consequences, shaping your destiny in unexpected ways.

For those seeking to experience all possible endings in a single playthrough, it’s advisable to maintain backup saves at crucial junctures. Stay vigilant and prepared for the twists and turns that await you on this epic adventure.

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