Best Tarisland Shadow Swordsman Build

What Is the Best Shadow Swordsman Build in Tarisland?

Building your Shadow Swordsman in Tarisland can be a daunting task, especially with the two specializations offering unique gameplay styles. In this guide, we break down the best build for each specialization to help you maximize your potential in the game.

Best Cunning Specialization Build

The Cunning specialization focuses on building energy with attacks and basic attacks to apply stacks of poison. By strategically utilizing these skills, you can unleash devastating poison-based attacks on your enemies. Here are some key talents to consider for the Cunning specialization:

  • Poison Blade+ (3/3) – Enhances Poison Blade damage and reduces its energy cost after every three casts.
  • Cunning Master (1/1) – Increases base combo rate.
  • Toxic Amplify (2/2) – Boosts damage after casting Poison.
  • Weakness Strike (3/3) – Enhances Fatal Strike damage and grants bonus poison levels.

Best Duel Specialization Build

The Duel specialization in Tarisland revolves around a unique roulette wheel mechanic that enhances your next skill’s damage based on its position. This specialization focuses on increasing critical chance and damage to take down enemies swiftly. Here are some recommended talents for the Duel specialization:

  • Assault+ (3/3) – Improves Assault damage and cooldown reduction.
  • Gift of Opportunity (3/3) – Reduces Furious Attack cooldown.
  • Furious Atk+ (3/3) – Enhances Furious Attack damage and cooldown reduction.
  • Spectral Slash (1/1) – Replaces Swift Strike.

By utilizing these talents effectively, you can create a powerful Duel specialization build that excels in dealing high burst damage and critical hits. Experiment with different talent combinations to find the build that suits your playstyle.

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