Supacell Episodes 1-4 Review – IGN

Supacell Premieres on Netflix

Supacell premieres on Netflix Thursday, June 27.

In recent years, the sci-fi genre has delved into stories rich with social commentary, particularly focusing on the Black experience. Netflix’s latest series, Supacell, initially appears to be a promising addition to this trend. However, after watching the first four out of its six episodes, it becomes clear that the show struggles to fully realize its ambitious vision.

Plot and Characters

Created by British MC Rapman, Supacell follows a group of South Londoners who suddenly acquire superpowers. The series explores the challenges these individuals face as they navigate their new abilities, all while dealing with a conspiracy to imprison Black superhumans and a complex time-travel storyline. Despite the fantastical elements, Supacell grounds itself by portraying its characters as everyday people struggling to cope with their powers in the midst of their everyday lives. This juxtaposition highlights how being Black comes with its own set of challenges, even when gifted with extraordinary abilities.

Evaluating the Show

With only six episodes, Supacell attempts to tackle a myriad of themes and plotlines, leading to some narrative challenges. While the show excels in character development and social commentary, it falters when trying to balance its ambitious storytelling. The climactic battle the series builds towards feels disconnected from the more compelling character-driven moments. The show’s depiction of how the characters’ powers impact their personal struggles is where Supacell shines, showcasing the nuanced ways in which superpowers intersect with everyday life.

Despite its earnest approach, Supacell’s reach exceeds its grasp at times. The show’s special effects may not always hit the mark, and its flashforward sequences can feel jarring compared to the grounded interpersonal drama of the main storyline. There’s a sense of authenticity in how the characters adapt to their powers, but the show’s emphasis on setting up future conflicts detracts from the present-day narrative.

Final Verdict

Supacell is a show that aims high but struggles to maintain a cohesive storyline. While it offers compelling commentary on systemic racism and personal struggles, its ambitious scope sometimes hinders the overall viewing experience. Despite its flaws, Supacell manages to spark meaningful discussions about the impact of institutionalized racism in society. However, its narrative missteps prevent it from fully realizing its potential as a standout superhero series.

Supacell is a show where the journey is more worthwhile than its destination.