How to defeat Bayle the Dread in Shadow of The Erdtree

How to Defeat Bayle the Dread in Shadow of The Erdtree

Bayle the Dread is widely regarded as one of the toughest bosses in Shadow of The Erdtree, and after facing off against this massive dragon, I can confirm that reputation is well-deserved. Here’s how I managed to come out victorious in this epic battle.

Talk to Igon

Igon, an NPC with some of the most engaging voice lines in Shadow of The Erdtree, can be found lying near the Pillar Path Waypoint Site of Grace in Gravesite Plain. If you listen closely at the Site of Grace, you’ll hear his unmistakable wailing. Approach him, engage in conversation, and kickstart the quest.

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Proceed south along the path, marked by beheaded dragon statues, overcoming the challenges that come your way. Eventually, you’ll reach Dragon Pit, the gateway to the Jagged Peak area where Bayle the Dread awaits. Navigate this dungeon, face the boss lurking within, and emerge ready to take on the dragon.

Dragon’s Pit Walkthrough

Enter the Dragon’s Pit and progress down the corridor until you descend from a ledge. Circle back to collect a Smithing Stone 1, then continue your journey by taking a left and descending further into the tunnel.

As you approach a ledge, you’ll discover an open room with an altar on the left. Grab the Shadow Realm Rune and either drop down behind it or take the right path to avoid any unnecessary risks.

Dragons Pit Bayle The Dread Shadow Erdtree
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In the room ahead, you’ll have the option to face a Magma Wyrm by heading up the slope, yielding valuable loot from the encounter. Alternatively, you can bypass the fight by taking the left pathway.

Descend the slope, and you’ll encounter a massive chalice. Whether you arrive there by dropping through a gap in the Magma Wyrm room or by another route, make your way to the chalice and gaze into the depths below.

Take the plunge down the hole, which leads you to the boss fight location within the Dragon’s Pit, bringing you one step closer to confronting Bayle the Dread. Before entering the fray, grab Smithing Stone 4 from a nearby corpse.

Dragon Hunter Great Katana Shadow Of The Erdtree
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Prepare to face Ancient Dragon-Man once more, a formidable opponent known for his powerful strikes. Time your dodges effectively, exploit his cooldowns, and claim your reward – the Dragon Hunter’s Great Katana.

After exiting through the doors, you’ll find yourself on the mountainside, ready for the next phase of the journey.

A Choice of Weapons

Throughout the quest to defeat Bayle the Dread in Shadow of The Erdtree, I utilized the Dragon Hunter’s Great Katana for its exceptional dragon-slaying capabilities. The weapon’s sweeping special attack proved highly effective in targeting dragons’ vulnerable spots.

Before committing your resources to this weapon, consider experimenting with other options, as you’ll encounter numerous dragon foes on your path to the final showdown.

Ascending Jagged Peak

Mount your horse for this extensive journey fraught with challenging jumps. Follow the linear route along the mountain, staying vigilant near the edges, until you reach a location with three slumbering dragons. Test your skills here or press onward, maneuvering under the arched rocks to progress.

Jagged Peak Bayle The Dread Shadow Of The Erdtree
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Traverse the terrain marked by two Spiritsprings, soaking in the intricate design as you approach the climactic dragon encounters. Utilize the Foot of The Dragons Peak Site of Grace near a wooden bridge before bracing yourself for the imminent dragon battles.

This setting serves as an ideal testing ground for your combat build, preparing you for the challenges ahead. Witness two dragons engaged in combat – allow them to duel before engaging with the surviving dragon.

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Following the dragon showdown, locate Igon to receive a crucial item for the upcoming battle against Bayle the Dread. Engage in dialogue with him to ensure you’re fully prepared for the impending confrontation.

Ancient Dragon Senessax

While you have the option to bypass this encounter, confronting Ancient Dragon Senessax provides invaluable practice before facing Bayle the Dread. Exploit its weakness to Piercing attacks, summon allies for support, and don’t fret over setbacks, as a nearby Statue of Marika awaits to aid you.

Senessax Shadow Of The Erdtree
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Triumph over Ancient Dragon Senessax, make your way northward, and ascend the mountain towards the final showdown. Navigate through lightning hazards, past dragon carcasses, and Spirit Springs, culminating in a challenging climb to the ultimate battleground.

Following a grueling ascent, you’ll reach the final Site of Grace, marking the beginning of your decisive clash with Bayle the Dread.

Strategies to Overcome Bayle the Dread

When facing Bayle the Dread, consider utilizing the Dragon Hunter’s Great Katana for its potent dragon-slaying abilities. While this weapon proves effective for many, explore various approaches to tailored to your playstyle and preferences.

Using Stealth and Poison Tactics

For a more unconventional approach, exploit the game’s stealth and poison mechanics to gain the upper hand against Bayle the Dread. Equip Unseen Form, Poison Mist, and Assassins Gambit to execute this strategy effectively.

Cast Unseen Form and Assassin Gambit before entering the battlefield, ensuring Bayle remains unaware of your presence. Maneuver behind the dragon, maintaining these spells, and apply Poison Mist continuously to gradually wear down its health.

Cheese Bayle The Dread
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While this method may be tedious, it offers a viable alternative for those seeking a less direct approach to defeating Bayle the Dread.

Employing Bleed Tactics

Alternatively, capitalize on Bleed damage to turn the tide against Bayle the Dread. Utilizing the Katana’s special abilities, target the dragon’s vulnerable points with precision strikes. Coordinate with your summons to ensure a coordinated assault on the dragon.

Upon vanquishing Bayle the Dread, you’ll be rewarded with 490,000 runes and the Heart of Bayle, essential for advancing in Igon’s questline. Embrace the challenges posed by this formidable boss and unlock the mysteries surrounding Bayle in Shadow of the Erdtree.

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