Nostalgic Sega Fans Can Add The Genesis Mini 2 To Their Collection For A Solid Price

Much like its predecessor, the Sega Genesis Mini 2 is a remarkable mini console available for purchase exclusively on Amazon Japan. Despite being produced in limited quantities compared to the original Genesis Mini, the Mini 2 offers an enhanced gaming experience with a superior controller and a diverse library of built-in games, including Sega CD classics, previously unreleased titles, and new ports. While it may have flown under the radar upon its Fall 2022 release, the Genesis Mini 2 is definitely worth adding to your gaming collection.

Amazon is currently offering the Sega Genesis Mini 2 for $88.56 plus shipping. Although the order can be placed through the Amazon US storefront, the console will be shipped from Japan, resulting in a slightly higher shipping cost of $22.30.

Featuring a collection of 61 Sega games that include both Genesis and Sega CD titles, the Sega Genesis Mini 2 packs a punch. Some standout titles include Sonic the Hedgehog CD, Sonic 3D Blast, The Revenge of Shinobi, Earthworm Jim 2, Golden Axe 2, Shining Force CD, and Super Street Fighter II – The New Challengers.

Equipped with a six-button Genesis controller and compatibility with the original Genesis Mini’s three-button controllers, this mini console offers a nostalgic yet modern gaming experience.

Take a look at the complete list of games included in the Sega Genesis Mini 2 below.

Sega Genesis Mini 2 games list

After Burner IICartridge
Alien SoldierCartridge

Bonus Games

Devi & PiiPreviously unreleased