How to Make Followers Good in Soulmask

How to Optimize Follower Performance in Soulmask

In the world of Soulmask, having reliable followers can make a significant difference in your gameplay experience. These allies can assist you in taking down formidable foes and challenging bosses. However, the AI of followers may currently struggle to navigate fights effectively and sustain themselves. While developers have promised updates to address these issues, there are steps you can take now to enhance the performance of your followers in Soulmask.

Improving Follower NPCs in Soulmask

Here are some strategies to boost the overall effectiveness and survivability of your follower NPCs:

  • Equip Advanced Gear: Ensure that both you and your followers are equipped with top-tier gear suitable for your progress in the game. Aim to obtain legendary items like legendary bronze or legendary copper gear for your followers by engaging tribesmen with expertise in crafting.
  • Maximize Follower Skills:
    • Taunt: Use this skill to divert enemy focus towards you, allowing your followers to operate more effectively.
    • Heal the Wounded: Enable your followers to heal themselves using basic bandages, enhancing their survivability.
  • Utilize Follower Talents:
    • Battle Tested: Decrease the damage received by your follower with this talent (available in three levels).
    • Last Radiance: Heal your follower for 20% of their health when below 30% HP, with a 40-second cooldown.
  • Enhance Crafting Proficiency: Select followers with high armor and weapon crafting skills, and level up these proficiencies to enable them to create high-quality gear.
  • Engage Suitable Enemies: Ensure that you and your followers engage foes that match your level and gear progression.
  • Configure Follower Abilities: Set the necessary abilities for your follower’s weapon in the Mastery menu.
  • Select Appropriate Weaponry: Equip your followers with weapons they are proficient in for optimal combat performance.
  • Supply with Consumables: Stock up on food, bandages, and healing items for your followers to utilize during combat.
  • Upgrade Gear Quality: Outfit your followers with the best gear available to enhance their survivability.
  • Retreat Strategically: Do not hesitate to retreat from challenging encounters to regroup and ensure your follower’s safety.
  • Unlock Revive System: Familiarize yourself with the process of reviving fallen followers to maintain their presence in battles.
  • Develop Your Skills: Prioritize enhancing your character’s class skills to complement your follower’s performance.

Recent updates in Soulmask have aimed to address the weaknesses of followers by boosting their stats and AI capabilities. The introduction of “Assist Mode” allows followers to actively participate in combat alongside the player, providing additional assistance in defeating adversaries. However, the community still believes more enhancements are required to make followers more impactful for solo players.

Equipping Followers with Premium Gear

To ensure that your followers remain effective allies, consider the following actions:

  1. Provide followers with top-tier gear and update it as you progress through the game.
  2. Recruit or train a tribesman proficient in armor and weapon crafting to create superior equipment.
  3. Continuously craft new items and upgrade follower gear to sustain their combat capabilities.

Optimizing Follower Skills and Talents

Aside from gear, selecting appropriate skills and talents for your followers can significantly influence their performance and survival in Soulmask.

  1. Class Skills: Every tamed tribesman possesses a vital class skill to enhance their effectiveness. Two highly recommended class skills include:
  2. Taunt: Redirect enemy attention away from your followers by forcing them to target and attack you.
  3. Heal the Wounded: Provide quick healing to allies using basic bandages, aiding in their recovery.

Customizing your followers’ abilities and talents can greatly impact their survivability and effectiveness in combat. By strategically applying skills like “Heal the Wounded” and utilizing tactics such as Taunt, you can optimize your followers’ performance in challenging scenarios.

Enhancing Survivability with Talents and Items

When focusing on improving your follower’s survivability, prioritize talents such as Battle Tested and Last Radiance to reduce damage taken and recover health during critical moments. Additionally, equip your followers with healing items and ensure they have access to a variety of consumables for different situations.

Adjusting Healing Thresholds for Followers

Consider adjusting the healing thresholds for your followers to maximize their survival chances in combat. By setting their healing behavior to trigger at higher health percentages, you can ensure that they maintain optimal health levels throughout battles.

Strategies and Tactics for Success

Utilize effective strategies and tactics when venturing into challenging areas or engaging in combat to protect your followers and secure victory.

  1. Be Patient: Take your time to assess threats and handle encounters cautiously.
  2. Strategic Retreats: Retreat from battles when necessary to regroup and avoid unnecessary risks.
  3. Utilize Distance: Create distance between your party and threats to gain a tactical advantage.
  4. Equip Strategically: Equip yourself and your followers with suitable weapons and gear to maximize combat efficiency.

Remember, by following these strategies and incorporating the provided tips into your gameplay, you can enhance the performance of your followers in Soulmask and maximize their support during your adventures.