Review – The Legend of Heroes: Trails Through Daybreak (PlayStation 4 & 5)

Diving into a New Chapter

The Legend of Heroes: Trails Through Daybreak represents Nihon Falcom’s latest foray into the expansive Trails series, set in the familiar but unexplored territory of the Calvard Republic. This installment kicks off the Trails through Daybreak story arc, offering both returning fans and newcomers a fresh narrative to experience.

While staying true to its roots, Trails Through Daybreak introduces a host of new and revamped features to keep players engaged. The game follows Van, a spriggan with a checkered past who gets entangled in a quest to recover a precious relic for a young girl named Agnes. As their journey unfolds, players will encounter a diverse cast of characters and traverse a world brimming with intrigue and danger.

True to its lineage, Trails Through Daybreak maintains the core gameplay loop of past entries, combining story-driven segments with strategic combat, dungeon exploration, and engaging side quests. While the absence of traditional bonding events may seem a departure, the introduction of an alignment system adds a new layer of decision-making to the game. Players’ choices will influence the narrative and their character’s development, offering a more personalized gameplay experience.

Combat in Trails Through Daybreak adopts a dynamic approach, blending real-time action mechanics akin to the Ys series with the signature turn-based system of the Trails games. This duality allows players to switch between playstyles seamlessly, catering to different preferences and play strategies.

Introducing the Xipha device, Trails Through Daybreak incorporates innovative features like Arts Drivers and skill shards to enhance customization and combat depth. Returning elements such as cooking and speed boosts receive refinements, providing a more streamlined and rewarding gameplay experience.

Despite technical issues encountered on certain platforms, Trails Through Daybreak showcases visual enhancements and immersive world-building, setting a new standard for the series in terms of graphics and environmental design. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or a newcomer, this installment promises a captivating journey through the vast landscapes of the Calvard Republic.

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