How To Fix The Broken Lift In Rabbath Rise In Elden Ring

Repairing the Lift in Elden Ring’s Rabbath Rise

When exploring the intricate world of Elden Ring, one of the most challenging puzzles you may encounter is fixing the elevator or lift in Rabbath Rise. Upon attempting to activate the lift, you may receive a message stating, “Contraption does not move.” This leaves you with the task of finding an alternate way to make the lift operational.

Steps to Fix the Lift in Rabbath Rise

Follow these steps to restore functionality to the lift:

  1. Head to the floor below and strike the wall to your right to reveal a hidden balcony with a glowing stone.
  2. Hit the glowing stone to unseal a spiritspring outside of Rabbath Rise.
  3. The spiritspring functions as a wind geyser that can elevate you in the air, allowing you to reach the top floor. To utilize the spiritspring, make sure you are mounted on Torrent. The spiritspring can be found on the left side of the Rabbath Rise entrance.
  4. Once you reach the top floor, locate and pull the lever to repair the lift.

With the lift now fixed, you can explore the top floor of Rabbath Rise and even discover a Rabbath’s Cannon in a treasure chest within the library. The Shadow of the Ertree DLC in Elden Ring is full of surprises like this, so don’t hesitate to seek out guidance from our Elden Ring Guides section on Gamer Tweak.