How to wear glasses in FFXIV Dawntrail — Facewear explained

Unlocking Facewear in Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail

With the release of Final Fantasy 14’s latest expansion Dawntrail, players have been treated to a plethora of new content and quality of life updates in the beloved MMORPG. One exciting addition is the introduction of Facewear, a new accessory system that allows players to further customize their Warriors of Light.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

When inspecting your character in FFXIV Dawntrail, you may notice a new gear section located in the bottom left of the character screen, under your shoe selection. This is where you can equip Facewear, adding a touch of flair to your character’s appearance.

Facewear items function similarly to wings or parasols in FF14 – purely decorative with no impact on your character’s stats. However, to use Facewear, you need to unlock the ability first. To do so, simply acquire a pair of glasses or other Facewear and use it as you would unlock a mount or minion.

Players can obtain Facewear by purchasing them from vendors like the prize exchanger in the Gold Saucer or certain characters in the three city-states. Options like glasses, monocles, and more are available for players to discover and add to their collection.

Understanding Facewear in FFXIV Dawntrail

If you’re reluctant to spend Gil on accessories, you can visit the Calamity Salvager to see if you have any eligible accessories that can be converted into Facewear. Once the slot is unlocked, you can start personalizing even more aspects of your character’s appearance.

Furthermore, after unlocking a specific type of Facewear, players have the option to customize the colors from a preset list when equipping them. This feature allows for easier coordination with your character’s current glamour, ensuring a cohesive look.

While the color choices are currently limited to a preset list, players can look forward to potential updates in the future that may introduce more customization options. Stay tuned for any upcoming Facewear additions and enhancements, and be sure to explore the various Job changes that accompany the Dawntrail expansion. Keep your Facewear on tight as you embark on new adventures with the Scions!