All ways to escape the Asylum in Panicore

How to Successfully Escape Ravenswood Sanitarium (Asylum) in Panicore

Ravenswood Sanitarium (Asylum) is the most challenging map in Panicore, throwing players into an expansive abandoned facility with a deadly Entity. Here’s a guide on how to successfully escape the Asylum and beat Panicore.

How to Collect the Keycards and Escape the Asylum in Panicore

Directly from where you begin the Asylum level, you’ll see two large doors next to a keycard slot. This is the keycard exit and will only open once four unique keycards have been slotted:

  • Admin Card (Programmable Card)
  • Repaired Card (Broken Card)
  • KeycardSafe
  • Keycard 0

Program the Admin Card

Screenshot: PC Invasion

In cabinets and boxes throughout the Asylum, you’ll have the chance to find the green Programmable Card. This keycard won’t work in the exit door until programmed into the Admin Card by finding a computer.

The computer is found randomly on desks throughout the building. Walk up to one with the Programmable Card selected and hold E to receive the Admin Card.

Repair the Broken Card

Broken Keycard Panicore
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Like the Programmable Card, the red Broken Card is found randomly in a box or cabinet within the Asylum. You can’t use this keycard until it’s fixed with jumper cables…for some reason.

Similar to the computer, the jumper cables spawn in a random location and cannot be picked up. Select the Broken Card and press E to create the Repaired Card. Repairing the card makes a lot of noise, so keep checking your surroundings and get ready to hide.

Unlock the Safe to Get the KeycardSafe

Asylum Code Panicore
Screenshot: PC Invasion

In one of the Asylum’s rooms, you’ll find a four-digit number on a blackboard. Note this down, as this number changes each attempt and is required to open the safe containing the blue KeycardSafe.

Much like the jumper cables and computer, the safe spawns in a random room every time. You have a lot to look out for in this level, so keep your eyes peeled. Thankfully, you don’t need to do anything special to activate this card.

Asylum features three randomly generated codes used for the safe, locked box, and locked door. If your code isn’t working, it’s likely meant for one of the other two locked goodies.

Find Keycard0

Keycard0 Panicore
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Keycard0 (yellow) is the fourth and final key, which spawns randomly in boxes and cabinets. This card works without the need for any complicated rituals or special items. Nice and easy!

Insert the Keycards and Escape

Once all four keycards have been placed into the keycard slot on the Asylum’s main floor, use the door to exit and beat Panicore’s most difficult level.

Keycards can be inserted in any order and at any time. I found that it’s a great idea to “drop off” any keycards you have when you pass by the area to save on inventory space.

How to Escape the Asylum Through the Vent in Panicore

An alternate and arguably easier escape method for the Asylum level of Panicore is to escape through the vent on floor six. To do this, collect the following items from cabinets and boxes throughout the building:

  • Lockpick
  • Crowbar
  • Old Gate Key
  • Valve

Unlock the Elevator and Sixth Floor

Lockpick Elevator Asylum Panicore
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Enter the elevator and use the lockpick on the top lever to repair it. With this, you can slowly move the elevator up to the usually inaccessible sixth floor.

The elevator makes a very loud noise when in use, so be prepared for the sudden appearance of the banshee when you reach the next floor. You are safe inside, but once those doors open, you’re as good as dead if she catches you.

Open the Gate to the Sixth Floor

Once the elevator arrives on the sixth floor, you need to open the lock with the Old Gate Key. While they share similar (if not identical) models, it’s important to note that the Old Gate Key is different from the Old Key used to unlock regular doors.

Close the Steam Pipe

Steam Pipes Panicore
Screenshot: PC Invasion

After arriving on the sixth floor, turn the valve to unlock a shortcut. Use the Valve item on the pipe next to it to disable the steam blocking the vent. Turning the first Valve unlocks a shortcut, meaning you won’t have to use the elevator to return to this area.

Unlock the Vent and Escape

Panicore Vent Escape
Screenshot: PC Invasion

With the steam out of the way, use the crowbar on the white vent panel in the corner to pop it off. This makes a ton of noise, so ensure you’re watching your surroundings and have an escape plan ready. Enter the menacing black tunnel in front of you to escape!

How to Open Locked Doors in the Asylum

If you’ve made it to the Asylum in Panicore, you’re absolutely used to the key system used to open doors, especially after escaping the Hospital. Find an Old Key to open doors, then find the Old Key within that room to open the next.

The Asylum also features doors locked by fuseboxes, which function the same as the previous maps. Use a Switch and two fuses to fix the Fusebox and enter the door.

As I mentioned earlier, randomly generated codes can appear on blackboards, tiles, and screens. One code is used to unlock the safe needed for its keycard, the other unlocks the keypad door, and the last unlocks the box in the attic.

Knife Locked Door Panicore
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Finally, all doors in the basement, which can only be accessed via the elevator, require a knife to open. Use the knife on the broken fuse boxes to open each door. Each of these padded rooms contains one box, which could contain one of the items needed to escape.

If this guide helped you escape the asylum, congratulations! Now that you’ve beaten Panicore’s base game, it’s time to beat the School level on PAINCORE difficulty. Good luck!

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