Hardcore Shooter Bloodhound Out Now on PS4 & PS5

Bloodhound: Now Available on PlayStation Consoles

Kruger & Flint’s intense throwback shooter Bloodhound has made its bloody debut on PlayStation consoles, inviting players to join a secret faction of the Templar order in a battle against the demonic cult of Astaroth.

Bloodhound Trailer

The game draws inspiration from classic shooters like Doom, Quake, and Painkiller, delivering a high level of brutality and dynamic gameplay. With apocalyptic motifs running throughout, Bloodhound offers a nostalgic experience for fans of old-school shooters.

Originally released on PC in July 2023, Bloodhound received a free expansion called Juicy Retro Style!, transforming the game into a pixelated boomer shooter. This update enhanced gunplay, added more story content, and is included in the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions.

Main Features of Bloodhound:

  • Intense and bloody gameplay
  • 16 types of enemies and 5 bosses
  • Various gameplay modes
  • Satisfying arsenal of 10 weapons
  • Energetic heavy metal music by Sons of Amon