What should you buy with Residual and Fading Signals in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)?

How to Acquire Residual Signals and Fading Signals in Zenless Zone Zero

Curious about what to do with the Residual and Fading Signals you’ve accumulated in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)? Allow me to guide you through the ins and outs of these currencies and the optimal ways to utilize them.

What’s the Most Effective Way to Utilize Residual and Fading Signals in ZZZ?

If you’re on the constant lookout for your next big pull, the Encrypted and Master Tapes present an enticing option. Just remember, there’s a limited supply that gets refreshed on a monthly basis.

Uncertain if this will change anytime soon, but currently, the Tapes are discounted by 40% in the Fading Signal Store. This makes it a great opportunity early on to acquire more characters. However, remember that Tapes aren’t the sole items you can splurge your hard-earned Signals on.

For those with more self-control, the S-Grade W-Engines in the Residual Signal Shop are definitely worth saving up for. These W-Engines provide stat boosts for your character, with the S-Grade variants offering more substantial bonuses than usual. If you have a preference for Billy or Lucy, their Mindscapes can be purchased for 140 Residual Signals each.

Are there any less-than-ideal deals in the Residual and Fading Signal Stores?

The Residual Store boasts a variety of decent items, but it’s advisable to steer clear of the Master Tape trade. Master Tapes come at the same cost as Encrypted Master Tapes, which enable you to access limited-time channels in the Signal Search.

If you’re patient, you can obtain everything you desire from the Stable Channel without having to spend any Residual Signals.

As for the Fading Signal Store, the Tapes stand out as arguably the best items, albeit with a restriction on quantity. The other items focus on character or W-Engine upgrades, which can actually be earned through in-game activities.

If you’re uncertain about how to acquire items and currencies, you can refer to their Details page (Triangle on PlayStation, Y on Xbox). By exploring the available options, you’ll discover multiple ways to acquire Advanced Physical Chips.

If you’re seeking the best value items in the shop, the Inter-Knot Membership might catch your eye. This membership offers a great opportunity to acquire characters as a budget-conscious player, although it does come with certain limitations.

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