Zenless Zone Zero Review – IGN

Exploring the World of Zenless Zone Zero

Delve into the nostalgic world of Zenless Zone Zero, where developer HoYoverse introduces a captivating urban dystopia that brings a new twist to their portfolio. Departing from the realms of Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail, this game immerses players in a universe filled with real-time fights, puzzles, and a variety of social activities that add layers to the gameplay experience.

Diving into the Post-Apocalyptic Setting

Set in a world ravaged by monster-filled pocket dimensions known as Hollows, Zenless Zone Zero showcases the cyberpunk city of New Eridu, the last surviving bastion of humanity. As either Belle or Wise, a sibling hacker duo, players navigate this dangerous terrain, taking on commissions from a colorful cast of characters in search of lucrative opportunities. While the storyline may be complex at times, the strategic challenges presented in this gritty world kept me engaged and eager to overcome each obstacle.

Engaging Combat Mechanics

The combat system in Zenless Zone Zero strikes a balance between intensity and accessibility. Players can execute basic attacks, dodge incoming threats, and swap between agents to create powerful combos and parry enemy attacks. The game offers a range of abilities and strategies to master, ensuring that each encounter feels dynamic and engaging.

Districts are full of details that make them a joy to explore.
Immersive World and Extracurricular Activities

While the core gameplay loop centers around completing missions in the treacherous Hollows, Zenless Zone Zero also offers a life simulator element where players can manage a video store business, interact with locals, and explore stunning districts filled with intricate details. From stocking shelves with VHS tapes to participating in quirky side quests, there’s a wealth of activities to enjoy beyond the main storyline.

Rich Storytelling and Themes

Amidst the action-packed sequences and bustling cityscapes, Zenless Zone Zero weaves a narrative that delves into themes of displacement and corruption, adding depth to the post-apocalyptic setting. Side quests and substories introduce poignant moments that highlight the human aspects of the game world, offering a blend of humor, drama, and reflection.

Final Thoughts on Zenless Zone Zero

While the review build provided a glimpse into the game’s mechanics and world, the true test will come with the live service launch. As players delve into the progression systems and long-term gameplay, the true potential of Zenless Zone Zero will unfold. With its captivating world, diverse gameplay elements, and engaging narrative, this ambitious title from HoYoverse promises to deliver a memorable gaming experience that stands out among its gacha game peers.