Bespoke Armor, Transmog, And Other Aspects Of Gear In Dragon Age: The Veilguard

The Extensive Customization Options in Dragon Age

Dragon Age offers a wide array of customization options that allow players to personalize their gaming experience. From the character creator to the various armor options, there are countless ways to tailor your gameplay.

When it comes to companions, each character has specific slots for armor, rings, accessories, and weapons. Additionally, the playable character, Rook, has access to even more customization options, including slots for helmets, multiple weapons, belts, amulets, and rings. While the inclusion of a slot for belts may seem unusual in traditional RPGs, it plays a crucial role in Rook’s kit. The quality of the belt directly impacts the effectiveness of healing potions, which are essential for replenishing health by destroying green pots throughout the game world. High-quality belts can also trigger additional effects like temporary invulnerability.

Director Corinne Busche reveals that players can preview aspirational armors during character creation, with these armors becoming significant later in the game. Players can also customize Rook’s starting gear and casual wear, offering a glimpse into their appearance throughout the Veilguard journey. Busche emphasizes that much of the armor in the game is tailored specifically for Rook or their companions, ensuring that each character has unique equipment.

During my time watching Busche play at BioWare’s Edmonton office, I observed a variety of armor pieces scattered across the game world, waiting to be collected. While some pieces were visually stunning, others did not match my personal preferences, showcasing the typical RPG experience of collecting gear.

One exciting feature mentioned by Busche is the robust transmogrification system in the game. This system allows players to retain the appearance of their favorite armor while benefiting from the stats of a new piece. Whether it’s for Rook or companions like Bellara Lutara and Lace Harding, transmog ensures that players can maintain their preferred visual style without sacrificing performance.

Transmog extends beyond just armor customization, offering opportunities to enhance the appearance of various items for both Rook and their companions. While the specifics of Veilguard’s transmog system remain unseen, the knowledge of its existence provides reassurance that players can maintain a stylish look while embarking on their heroic journey.

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