FFXIV Dawntrail Mounts Guide | How to Get All New Mounts

FFXIV Dawntrail Mounts

Dawntrail’s release includes a plethora of new mounts for players to add to their collection. With 13 new mounts introduced after Patch 7.0, there are now more options for Warriors of Light to enhance their cosmetic selections. Many of these mounts can be obtained through various in-game interactions and activities. Below is a comprehensive list of all the new FFXIV Dawntrail mounts and how to acquire them:

Air-wheeler A9

  • Description: This mount is a single-rider flying motorcycle that harnesses lightning to wind energy, allowing it to levitate and move forward.
  • How to Obtain: Purchase this mount from the Air-Wheeler Dealer at Solution Nine for 7,500,000 Gil or check the Market Board for availability.


  • Description: Initially a temporary mount used during “Mablu’s Dream,” this fluffy animal can eventually be acquired through completing the “Dawntrail” MSQ.
  • How to Obtain: Complete the “Dawntrail” MSQ to obtain this adorable mount.


  • Description: A replica of the Ark Eidolon from Final Fantasy IX, this mount is aesthetically pleasing and highly sought after.
  • How to Obtain: Redeem a Dawntrail Collector’s Edition code to obtain this majestic mount.


  • Description: This cybernetic tortoise provides players with a technologically advanced mount featuring a bulky frame and numerous cybernetic attachments.
  • How to Obtain: Purchase this mount from the Dawn Hunt Vendor at Tuliyollal for 3,200 Sacks of Nuts after unlocking the Dawn Hunts.


  • Description: Paying homage to the real-world Capybara, this cute mount satisfies players’ love for adorable creatures.
  • How to Obtain: Acquire this mount from Uah’shepya in Solution Nine for 12 Ttokrrone Scale obtained from completing Special Fates.

Mountain Zu

  • Description: This ill-tempered bird offers swift aerial transportation along with a refreshing citrus scent attributed to a specific beverage.
  • How to Obtain: Exclusive to the Mountain Dew promotion event, this mount can only be obtained through the event.


  • Description: The towering Oppressor is a moving fortress that instills a sense of safety in its riders.
  • How to Obtain: Receive this mount as a reward from PvP Series 6.


  • Description: The charming Outrunner provides both fast land transportation and adorable robotic expressions.
  • How to Obtain: Obtain this mount by completing the “A Life of Adventure VI” achievement, earned by completing the “Mastering War VI” and “Mastering Magic VI” achievements.


  • Description: Resembling stout buffaloes, Rroneeks are valiant mounts perfect for charging into battle.
  • How to Obtain: Purchase this mount from the Splendors Vendor in Solution Nine for 100 Rroneek Horn Tokens, acquired from the Scrip Exchange NPC for Orange Gathers’ Scrips.


  • Description: With cute features resembling a possum or squirrel, Ty’aitya is a delightful addition to any player’s mount collection.
  • How to Obtain: Purchase this mount from Edelina in Mor Dhona for 500 Turali Bicolor Gemstone Vouchers or check the Market Board for availability.


  • Description: Featuring a metallic-themed coloring and a menacing appearance, Ullr is the perfect choice for intimidating foes.
  • How to Obtain: Earn this mount after completing the “Dawnbright Hunter” achievement, which unlocks after completing the “Dawn of a New A Game III” and “Dawn of a New S Game III” achievements.

Wings of Resolve

  • Description: The black Wings of Resolve boasts a blue aura and a striking appearance attached to your back as a mount.
  • How to Obtain: Chance drop from completing the Everkeep Trial (Extreme).

Wings of Ruin

  • Description: The white Wings of Ruin offers a simple yet elegant design with a unique glowing blue orb as its highlight.
  • How to Obtain: Obtain this mount as a chance drop from completing the Woqor Lar Dor Trial (Extreme).
Are We Getting More Mounts in Dawntrail?

While the mounts listed cover the current offerings, there has been no official confirmation on additional mounts in Dawntrail. Keep an eye on FFXIV sites for the latest updates and news regarding possible new mounts, especially through collaborative events in the future.