PS3 Games Emulation on PS5 Still a Difficult Task, Experts Say

Challenges in Bringing PS3 Games to PS5

Recent rumors circulating about Sony potentially bringing select PS3 games to the PS5 have intrigued fans, but tech experts warn that the task may not be as easy as it seems. According to experts at Digital Foundry, some popular PS3 games may pose significant challenges for emulation on the PS5.

PS3’s Technical Hurdles

One of the main obstacles in bringing PS3 games to the PS5, as highlighted by Digital Foundry, is the complex architecture of the PS3 console. The specialized SPUs within the PS3 cell processor do not align well with modern x86 processors, resulting in potential performance issues for games that heavily rely on SPUs.

For example, Digital Foundry specifically mentioned that games like Killzone 2 may struggle to run natively on the PS5 due to these technical limitations.

Potential for Emulation

Despite the challenges posed by the PS3’s architecture, Digital Foundry believes that there is still a possibility for Sony to emulate some PS3 games on the PS5. However, the team emphasizes that this may only apply to a limited number of games, given the existing small library of classic titles available on the PS4 and PS5.