Best Location to Park Getaway Car for FIB Mission

Where to Hide the Getaway Car in GTA 5?

Ensuring a smooth escape after a successful heist in GTA 5 requires a well-hidden getaway car. While the game provides a hint during the FIB pre-heist planning, it doesn’t specify the exact location to park the vehicle, leaving players to figure it out themselves.

If you’ve selected a suitable car – one that’s fast yet inconspicuous – for your getaway, here’s where you should park it for the FIB mission.

Best Location to Park the Getaway Car in GTA 5

The optimal spot to station your getaway vehicle is in El Burro Heights, a neighborhood conveniently close to both the HQ and the mission site in East Los Santos. Below is the map pinpointing the precise parking spot:

map location to park fib mission getaway car gta 5
Follow the arrow-marked road and head northeast to reach the location.

The surrounding roads are easily identifiable, facilitating a straightforward journey from your pre-heist briefing.

To successfully complete this section of the mission, aim to park the car in a secluded area, away from main roads and residential zones.

where to park getaway vehicle blitz play gta 5

Upon arriving at the location, the game will assess whether it’s suitable. If approved, exit the vehicle, access your mobile phone, navigate to contacts, choose Michael, and make the call. Opt for MARK GETAWAY LOCATION during the call to join a conference call with Franklin.

Inform Michael of your parking spot – Burro Hills, as noted by Trevor – to progress through this phase of the mission smoothly.

Pro Tip: Park the car in reverse for easy extraction during the heist.

That covers the essentials of hiding the getaway vehicle in GTA 5. For additional assistance, check out guides on GTA V cheats, phone cheat codes, and car/vehicle cheats.