Nintendo Runs Out Of Replacement Parts For Wii U, Ends Repair Service In Japan

Last Call for Nintendo Wii U Repairs

Last May, Nintendo’s Japanese support service announced the impending end of repairs for the Wii U once their parts inventory was depleted. Now, just over a year later, an update on their website confirms the official conclusion of repair services for this system, originally launched in 2012.

A translated statement reveals that the company has exhausted the replacement parts necessary for repairing consoles. As of July 3, 2024, Nintendo has ceased accepting repairs for Wii U consoles and peripherals. This discontinuation extends to various other past-generation products listed on Nintendo’s official website.

Nintendo: “We have run out of parts necessary for repairs, so as of July 3, 2024, we will no longer be accepting repairs for Wii U consoles and peripherals.”

While Nintendo discontinued the Wii U repair service in North America and other regions years ago, there are no new changes at the local level. This development follows the closure of online servers for the Wii U and 3DS earlier this year, marking the conclusion of these gaming eras.

Official data from Nintendo indicates that the Wii U achieved sales of just over 13 million units and exceeded 100 million software sales. If you own a Wii U, share your experience in the comments below!