Best PvP Weapons in Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Discover the Top Weapons in Destiny 2 for PvP

Destiny 2 is known for its exceptional gunplay and combat sandbox. With regular balance changes and updates to weapon archetypes, it can be challenging to keep up with the ever-changing weapon meta. Following adjustments to player health in PvP, certain guns have received buffs and nerfs to enhance headshot mechanics and promote engaging Primary weapon battles. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top guns for Crucible and Trials and what sets them apart from the rest.

Khvostov 7G-0X

Returning as an Exotic Auto Rifle from Destiny, the Khvostov 7G-0X has gained popularity in Crucible due to its low recoil and generous aim assist. Despite the laser-like recoil being unintentional, the weapon remains easy to handle and offers a favorable Time-to-Kill (TTK) value. With a ricochet shot that deals slightly more damage than regular shots, the Khvostov excels within its effective range, even if it lacks the range of other Legendary Auto Rifles.

Red Death Reformed

High Impact Pulse Rifles remain a competitive archetype in Destiny 2, requiring stability and range for optimal performance. The Red Death stands out with its vertical recoil pattern, impressive range, and beneficial Exotic trait that grants the user Cure x1 upon killing an opponent. This feature enhances survivability in team fights, making the Red Death a formidable choice for experienced Pulse Rifle users, particularly in 6v6 PvP.

Sightline Survey

Surprisingly making its mark in the PvP arena, the Sightline Survey is a 180 Legendary Hand Cannon obtainable from the Echoes loot pool. With the focus on Guardian health and Primary weapons in PvP, Precision Frame Hand Cannons have seen a resurgence. The Sightline Survey can now 3-tap Guardians with ease, offering stable recoil and a powerful perk combo of Keep Away and Precision Instrument. Its enhanced traits make it a valuable asset for accurate players seeking additional headshot damage.


Part of the Pale Heart loot pool, Someday stands out as one of the top shotguns in Destiny 2. Sporting excellent base stats and utilizing the Precision Frame archetype, it boasts a favorable pellet spread pattern for PvP encounters. The perk combination of Elemental Capacitor and Opening Shot further elevates its performance, offering increased handling and extended range. Craftable and accessible, Someday is a potent choice for PvP enthusiasts.


Obtainable from the Competitive playlist, Rose is a Legendary Lightweight Frame Hand Cannon that excels in dueling scenarios. Equipped with beneficial PvP perks like Slideshot and Eye of the Storm, it provides range and stability buffs with sliding maneuvers. These perks enhance the weapon’s neutral game, making it a compelling choice for dedicated PvP players.

The Summoner

Exclusive to Trials of Osiris, The Summoner is a classic 600 RPM Auto Rifle featuring several valuable PvP perks. With traits like Dynamic Sway Reduction, Zen Moment, and Kill Clip, it offers versatility for various playstyles. The ideal god roll includes Zen Moment and Target Lock, ensuring consistent effectiveness by rewarding accurate shots.

Elsie’s Rifle

Acquirable from the Onslaught game mode, Elsie’s Rifle is a High Impact Pulse Rifle with outstanding perks and stats, surpassing previous top pulse rifles like The Messenger. With perks such as Keep Away, Zen Moment, Kill Clip, and Headseeker, this rifle can swiftly eliminate opponents with its two-burst potential. Offering a fast Time-to-Kill, Elsie’s Rifle excels as a medium to long-range pulse rifle in PvP encounters.

Outbreak Perfected

Previously overlooked in the PvP sandbox, Outbreak Perfected has emerged as a fan-favorite Primary weapon with its craftable nature. Featuring perks like Rewind Rounds for PvE and Headseeker for consistency, it excels in PvP engagements due to its rapid-fire rate and low recoil. Generating SIVA nanites on precision kills adds an extra layer of utility, making it a potent choice for 6v6 encounters.

Conditional Finality

Exclusive to the Root of Nightmares raid, Conditional Finality is a sought-after Special weapon among veteran PvP players. Despite its apparent lack of range, its predictable pellet spread enhances consistency in engagements. It can effectively counter Supers and offers the fastest handling among shotguns, making it a popular choice for competitive modes like Trials.

Igneous Hammer

Undoubtedly the top PvP weapon in Destiny 2, the Igneous Hammer reigns supreme as a high-skill Hand Cannon. Offering an excellent stat package and Adept variant, it excels in Trials matches for its exceptional dueling capabilities. With a forgiving Time-to-Kill and unmatched range, the Igneous Hammer continues to dominate PvP, making it a staple choice for players seeking efficiency in battle.