Exoprimal Content Support Ends a Year After Launch

Capcom ends support for Exoprimal post-launch content

Capcom has officially announced the end of post-launch content support for Exoprimal, the multiplayer game that was released in July 2023 to a mixed reception. Despite being available on various platforms and even on Xbox Game Pass, Exoprimal did not quite meet expectations.

What to expect after the end of Exoprimal post-launch content

According to Capcom, Exoprimal Season 4 will conclude on July 11, after which the game will cycle back to Season 1. A new “Season” will kick off at the beginning of each month moving forward, but it will not bring any new content. Essentially, players can expect a recycling of previously released content.

Players will have the opportunity to purchase Exoprimal Season Passes 1-3 once again to acquire any premium items they may have missed. Additionally, Savage Gauntlet ranks will no longer be counted beyond trial 41.

Capcom assures players that all current Exoprimal content will remain accessible online, at least for the time being. The publisher also mentioned that AI-controlled Exofighters known as Bots will be available for solo players or those matched with only a few others, ensuring that everyone can fully experience the Hammerheads’ story and reach the game’s conclusion.

For further details, visit Exoprimal’s official website.