A Wavering Soul Cannot Be Impatient Explained

Understanding the Meaning of “A Wavering Soul Cannot Be Impatient” in Type Soul

Encountering the message “A Wavering Soul Cannot Be Impatient” in Type Soul may leave players puzzled about what to do next. In the context of the game, a ‘wavering’ soul indicates a character whose soul lacks stability or strength for a specific action, such as the partial res mechanic. When your character’s soul is deemed ‘wavering,’ it means they are not fully prepared for the task at hand. So, what is the next step?

When conversing with the pink orb, players may hear the phrase “A Wavering Soul Cannot Be Impatient,” signaling a 10-minute cooldown period. This cooldown represents the time required for the character’s partial res to recharge, and waiting it out becomes the simplest option available.

For those unwilling to endure the wait, an alternative is to seek assistance from a Quincy or Soul Reaper to bypass the cooldown. If players find themselves unsure about how to proceed, detailed guides are available to help navigate through the process.

After the cooldown period has elapsed, interacting with the pink orb will reveal the message, “A wavering soul cannot balance itself. Seek your inner darkness and gaze upon the void. Only then will a portion of your strength be returned.”

type soul partial res wavering soul cannot balance itself
image credit: MrMoogma on YouTube

Advancing to the next stage of Partial Resurrection entails following a series of steps provided in an informative guide. Returning to the pink orb will trigger the appearance of an item linked to the resurrection process. Carrying this item to the Void Pit and taking a leap into it will transport players to an Obby. Successful completion of the Obby will grant the partial resurrection.

While this covers the basics of the message “A Wavering Soul Cannot Be Impatient,” there exists a wealth of additional information about Type Soul, including hidden tips, tricks, and secrets. Explore our dedicated section on Roblox Type Soul for further insights.