Fortnite Can Now Run The Original ’93 Doom

Experience Doom in Fortnite

The Doom community has always been creative when it comes to getting the iconic game to run on various devices, but the recent discovery takes it to a whole new level.

Twitter user Jackson Clayton shared a video showcasing 93 Doom Slayer in Fortnite, utilizing the Unreal editor to bring the classic game into the battle royale world.

Clayton used the Unreal material system to give the character the signature “choppy spinning effect” and incorporated a PostProcess material to pixelate the screen and display the gun. The process was challenging due to the complexity of the Unreal editor, but Clayton’s outside-the-box thinking made it possible.

When asked about the motivation behind porting Doom into Fortnite, Clayton mentioned it was all for fun with friends.

“I wanted to put together a video to trick my friends, so I ported the map and created the post-process materials, and they really liked it,” Clayton explained.

Aside from the exciting crossover, Epic Games also announced the addition of a popular feature to Fortnite’s modes and revealed the game’s immense popularity, making it one of the most played titles of the week.