New MMORPG, AVATARA, launches on PC, Mobile, and Browser

This article is sponsored by AVATARA.

AVATARA, which will be playable today on mobile, PC, and web browsers — is a new top-end action MMORPG breaking new ground in the world of gaming by bringing the power of blockchain and NFTs to the masses. While billions of people enjoy traditional games, only about one million players have experienced the unique benefits of blockchain gaming. AVATARA aims to change that by providing a more traditional game experience that is easy for anyone to jump into, while still offering all the benefits of blockchain technology.

In the AVATARA universe, players can sign up for a guild, grow their character, participate in battles and wars, and earn rare items and utility tokens. Items, avatars (NFTs), and even characters can be freely traded among users in the game, giving players true ownership of their virtual assets. And with a focus on the “fun of possible embodiments,” AVATARA is poised to bring Web2 players into the exciting …
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