Is Ghost of Tsushima coming to PC?

Sony has spent the last couple of years slowly porting some of its exclusive titles to PC. So far, God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, and Days Gone have made the jump. We’ve also got a PC port of Returnal on the way, which should release sometime in 2023. However, there’s one game that’s kept us all waiting in suspense. Ghost of Tsushima should come to PC relatively soon, yet there’s been no word on whether it’ll actually arrive. And it’s fair to think that it may never come to PC. But there are plenty of things that line up to suggest it’s still happening.

For starters, Sony has already placed many of its recent hits on PC. And it seems like this has been a pretty successful venture for the company. So it stands to reason that it would not stop here. Plus, even games like Marvel’s Spider-Man, which many thought would be stuck on PlayStation for all time, managed to land on PC. So it doesn’t seem like a PC port of Ghost of Tsushima would have much trouble. Then there’s the fact that Ghost of Tsushima popped up in the infamous Nvidia GeForce leak.

When could we expect Ghost of Tsushima on PC?

Ghost of Tsushima‘s PC release is something that makes too much sense for Sony not to do it. But it’s important for the company to time its release, so it gets the most amount of sales. And there’s one project coming up that would go alongside the PC release perfectly. A while back there was word that multiple video game franchises would be turned into films and TV shows. And Sony confirmed back in 2021 that Ghost of Tsushima would get the same treatment. Honestly, a Ghost of Tsushima film makes a lot of sense given its inspiration from Akira Kurosawa’s films. If we’re ever to see a PC release for Ghost of Tsushima, it’s likely it would be around the release of its film.

Image via PlayStation Studios

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee of this happening. Sony hasn’t officially stated if it will come to PC or not. But there are plenty of things that suggest it could make the move at some point. Whether that happens in 2023 or next year is something we’ll need to wait and see. But Ghost of Tsushima does come to PC, maybe then it’ll be time to have the Bloodborne talk again.

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