Bus Simulator 21 getting a huge update titled Next Stop

Image via StillAlive Studios/Astragon Entertainment

StillAlive Studios has revealed what’s on the horizon for its ambitious Bus Simulator 21. Two years in, and the sim is still being supported. Its next update will be the “biggest [one]” since release, titled Next Stop.


“All aboard!”

The Next Stop update for Bus Simulator 21 will sport a busload of improvements and feature additions. This includes an all-new game mode, and also a “large” new map extension for players to enjoy that comes with “numerous new missions”. This map extension adds a new area to the north of the US-based Angel Shores map.

The new game mode “combines the well-known sandbox mode with the economic system of the campaign. Instead of having to unlock everything bit by bit by completing missions, players can choose from all bus stops and bus models right from the start of the game, so that there are no limits to how far they can build up their own bus company.” The ‘catch’ here is that players will need to be smart with their money and movements; not over-spending and building efficient routes that can generate a decent flow of revenue.

Those who’ve been enjoying the multiplayer aspect of the sim will also benefit from the addition of PC crossplay, allowing those with different versions of Bus Simulator 21 across PC to play together (Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store, physical).

Core game functionality is also being improved, such as improved AI “and other detail improvements.”

Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop Official 2 (copy)

Image via StillAlive Studios/Astragon Entertainment

To cap off all the new content coming to Bus Simulator 21, a new release SKU is coming, dubbed the Gold Edition. This will combine all of the previously released paid DLC into one package, along with a copy of the game. Those who already own the game can also benefit from this by purchasing the Gold Upgrade.

Bus Simulator 21 – Next Stop will pull up to the station on May 23, 2023.

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