‘Kimono Cats’ Is Out Now on Apple Arcade Alongside a Few Notable Updates to Existing Games – TouchArcade

Following its announcement in the March 2023 Apple Arcade new games post, Kimono Cats () from HumaNature Studio has released worldwide on the service. Kimono Cats has you walking through a Matsuri Festival with your companion trying to keep them happy across various mini-games while earning coins to progress. Coins let you purchase items, build houses, and more. Kimono Cats is playable online or offline. Check it out on Apple Arcade here. Alongside Kimono Cats, a few notable games have been updated. Dead Cells+ was already covered when the iOS and Android versions got updated with the major updates hitting this week.

Kimono Cats

Squiggle Drop brings in new levels today with version 1.5.0. Episode XOXO has started its new original story: Life in Rose today. Gibbon sees its liberation mode updated as you try and escape the new hawk eagle. The update also has balance adjustments to its game flow, new levels, and more. Red Games Co’s Solitaire Stories brings in The Four Musicians story, the Hoops & Stitches and Stars Above limited time modes, and more. SEGA’s Football Manager 2023 Touch sees its squads updated, recruitment focuses changes, alongside many improvements and fixes today. This is its first update in about a month.

Cooking Mama: Cuisine! is celebrating with a Spring Festival event from now until March 26th featuring an ingredient only available during this event. It also has new login presents for the event and achievements. Patterned was updated a few days ago with springtime patterns. With the updates done, check out our forum threads for Squiggle Drop here, Episode XOXO here, Gibbon here, Solitaire Stories here, Football Manager 2023 Touch on Apple Arcade here, Cooking Mama: Cuisine! here, Patterned here, and Kimono Cats here. For all Apple Arcade related things, check out our dedicated Apple Arcade forum for discussion on the service and every game included here. What do you think of this month’s reveals?

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