How to complete ‘Spot Removal’

While so far every Hogwarts Legacy side quest involving collecting plants has had a strange or malicious motive behind it, ‘Spot Removal’ is a quest turning those tables a little. Be warned, though—another stealth mission in disguise lies ahead. Here’s how to complete ‘Spot Removal’.

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‘Spot Removal’ starting location and NPC in Hogwarts Legacy

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This side quest is delivered by Sacharissa Tugwood standing just outside of Dogweed and Deathcap at the northern edge of Hogsmeade. The Hufflepuff student informs you she is of a prestigious family but only wants to help those below her; you have the option to validate her or call her out for being condescending. Her most recent effort is to relieve her fellow students of their pimples by using Bubotuber pus to make a solution.

That’s right. This quest wants you to gather ingredients for magical acne cream. The reason you need to do it is because she just doesn’t want to.

How To Complete 'spot Removal' Map

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The Bubotubers are in the Forbidden Forest, at a spot equidistant to North Ford Bog Entrance and West Forbidden Forest Floo Stations. Pick one and fly over to the quest marker.

Spot Removal Troll Den

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The marker itself will not bring you to the actual items, but instead the general area. You’ll quickly realize they’re down inside a cavern with a level 30 Forest Troll. It’s easiest to sneak in with Disillusionment and gather the two Bubotubers inside the troll cavern. Revelio helps a lot to find them.

Spot Removal Bubotuber 2

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The next one is located just outside the cave exit, off the path in the trees.

Spot Removal Bubotuber 3

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When you find it, go around the tree and north to find the next one.

Spot Removal Bubotuber 4

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And the final one is just southwest down the incline.

Return to Sacharissa. You can give the Bubotubers over for free, but the dialogue is a lot funnier if you make the rich girl pay 500 gold for them.

Spot Removal Sacharissa Tugwood 3

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You also receive the Bubotuber Harvesting Attire gear appearance. In case you wanted to live out your gardening fantasies, I suppose.

How To Complete 'spot Removal' Reward

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