Dead Island 2 Boss Guide

The highly anticipated Dead Island 2 is finally here, and there are many things to be excited about. The game still features the original classic hack-and-slash moments against zombies in bloody and gory solo and co-op runs. The most notable thing about Dead Island 2 is how the cooperative experience has been massively improved. However, just because you are queueing up with other people doesn’t mean that these elite zombies will be easy targets. This guide will help gamers learn how to defeat each boss on their respective missions. 

All The Bosses in Dead Island 2

Zombies are walking around Los Angeles, and some have mutated into different types with various abilities. However, some elite enemies are in a different league from the rest. These bosses are so strong and dangerous that gamers might need to do several retakes to take them out. They are also more durable than most zombies, so you might need more than your trusty cleaver to hack them down.

Here are all the bosses in Dead Island 2 and what missions you will encounter:

  • Becki the Bride (Room Service for Major Booker)
  • Alesis Hernandez (Michael Anders and the Holy Grail)
  • Dillon (The Giant-Slayer)
  • MC Spitzfire (Cremains of the Day)
  • Bundy (Blood Drive)
  • Butcho the Clown (Boardwalking Dead)
  • Specimen Noah (The Search for Truth) 
  • Reubenator (Hollywood Ending)

While these zombies are technically considered bosses, they are manageable to clear, especially if you are fighting those adjusted to your level. These fights require you to be more tactical, observant, and defensive, so you won’t waste too many resources fighting one. Gamers should also bring the best weapons instead of brandishing a kitchen knife. These bosses can become more challenging if you join friends doing higher-level missions. 

Becki the Bride

This unfortunate hunky Bride is your first boss in the game. Becki is a better type of Crusher Zombie, which are muscle heads that deal severe damage with their punches. The Bride’s move set includes heavy jabs and a ground slam that can knock down players. She is also quite tanky on top of her overwhelming strength. 

The main thing to remember about Becki is that while she is strong and durable, she is not fast. The main thing that players should do here is to take advantage of their maneuverability. Keep dodging and circling her while you do some damage now and then with light weapons. You can tell that Becki has run out of stamina when she drops to one knee. During these moments, you should swap to heavy weapons to deal more damage while she is incapacitated. Continue doing this tactic until you take the Bride down. 

Alesis Hernandez

Alesis Hernandez is an elite variant of the Slobber zombies, which makes him quite annoying and disgusting to face up to. These Apex zeds are ranged enemies that use their vomit to attack players, which causes caustic damage over time and possesses high resistance against blunt and projectile damage. Alesis also have the same characteristics as the normal ones, but he does a bit more damage, which can deplete your HP quickly. 

The fight against Alesis himself is relatively easy, but the numerous zombies that come to help him will make the battle hard. For the boss, you should always try to aim his back for extra damage and to drain his stability. In addition, blunt and projectile weapons are ineffective against him, so you should bring sharper tools and things with bleed or shock damage. Explosives will also help significantly in this fight. 

Players need to remember two things: not to be stationary and take care of the incoming zombies first. Alesis won’t be able to hit you with his bile if you are always on the move. The increasing number of infected will make the fight hard, which can overwhelm you if you ignore them long enough. Make sure to take them down as soon as they appear. 

Nikki Gutte

Nikki Gutte is an annoying boss that falls under the Screamer-variant. As their name suggests, these types release ear-piercing shrieks that can visually impair players, knock them down, and stun them. Screamers are even more annoying because their screams can attract other zombies or hordes that can descend on helpless players trapped in the shouting range of these Apex zeds.

Nikki is a tricky boss, mainly because she can attract hordes of zombies that overwhelm you while you are stunned. The best way to deal with these situations is to examine the various environmental hazards. You can detonate some flame lamps nearby to set incoming zombies aflame. In addition, water-carrying variants that join the horde will leave puddles you can electrify.

For the boss herself, the best way to deal with her is to stay away as far as possible from her to avoid getting caught in her screams. While you maintain your distance, use curveballs to drain her stamina. Once she becomes staggered, do as much damage as you can before she recovers. 


Dillon is another Crusher-type boss requiring a different tactic from how you fought Becki. Different from other zombies of the same variant, you should refrain from trying to fight this boss up close. The usual tactic for Crushers is to dance around them and avoid getting hit while making some quick attacks. It would help if you stayed away as far as possible for Dillon because his ground slams create flaming shockwaves.

The primary way to attack Dillon is to use any firearms you have on your person. Since you cannot go near him due to his constant use of flaming shockwaves, you have to engage with him in long-range battles while jumping on time to avoid the crawling blaze. Players should also be wary of zombies coming to attack them because they can be ignited by the flames caused by the ground slams. Make sure to take them down before they get too close. 

Butcho the Clown

As the name suggests, Butcho falls under the Butcher variant of the Apex Zombies. He is quick, agile, and very reactive to player movements. As a Butcher-type, his arms have transformed into blades, which he will use significantly against players. Another gimmick in this fight is that Butcho will try to feed on corpses to regenerate his HP whenever he loses some health.

You can pay less attention to other zombies for this fight because there won’t be as many as in previous battles. Any type of weapon is effective against Butcho. However, going melee has some risks since he can quickly react to players and attack them in return. Using firearms is generally a good idea, but this boss can block shots using his arms. It would help if you timed your attacks properly to ensure you hit him. 

Follow him and use a gun to interrupt his feeding whenever he attempts to regenerate. Landing one or two shots on him will force Butcho to resume the fight. You can also use curveball items and Stagger skills to make this fight more efficient. The battle with this boss takes place in a dim-lit room, so be careful not to lose sight of him. 

Specimen Noah

When you see Specimen Noah and think that he won’t be an easy fight, then you are 100% correct. This boss is a Mutator, which means he has exceptionally high health and has significant damage. Upon the start of the fight, Noah will escape his bindings and start mutating into a different form. His chest will open, and he will gain a large claw arm that he will use to charge at the player right away after he finishes transforming. 

This boss fight is straightforward because you don’t have to worry about any unique mechanics, gimmicks, or too many zombies coming to aid him. The only thing Noah has is his high HP and damage. He has high resistance to explosives and projectiles, so use the best guns you have at your disposal. There will also be some explosive barrels nearby, which you can use to clear our wandering zombies quickly or if the boss gets close to one. 

The idea here is to pump out as much damage as you can. Shotguns are particularly useful against Noah. Getting too close to him is also not advisable because he can grab and deal unmitigated damage while you are in his clutches. Fury Mode should only be used when you have stunned Noah or if you are getting overwhelmed. 

The Reubanator

The final boss for the campaign is another Mutator, which has some slight variations added to his kit. The Reubanator will have the same qualities as this type of variant, and he can also launch projectiles from his chest, which he will often do. Since this is the last fight, players should expect a difficult battle because other zombies will assist them. 

Aside from knowing the Reubanator’s attack patterns, players should also observe and use their surroundings. The room where you will be the boss is dark, so you must be wary of your environment. Make use of the pillars available in the area to block incoming projectiles. There will also be streams of flames coming from the different parts of the room, so make sure to avoid them. 

Apex Zombies will appear to help the Reubanator. Your primary focus should be on Screamers because they can hinder you, so take them down as soon as possible. If you ever run out of HP, look for Hazmat Zombies because they drop MedKits on death. A rifle or shotgun will quickly dispatch them so that you can heal immediately.

Bring every available weapon and ammo for this fight because many zombies will pour in. As the room gets hotter, the more infected will barge into the area. Clear them out while avoiding the attacks from the boss before you refocus on him. 

Don’t Be Cheap On Your Weapons

Even if you know all the patterns for each boss and the strategies to defeat them, you will still have a hard time if you are being cheap on the weapons and bullets you bring. Ensure you carry the appropriate guns or melee items, and don’t be too conservative about firing your firearms. However, this does not mean you should be trigger-happy and waste precious ammo. Make sure that you have the appropriate number of weapons at your disposal before you fight any boss.

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