Great Sky Island Shrines Guide Tears of the Kingdom

The Beginner’s Guide to Tears of the Kingdom’s Great Sky Island Shrine

New to Tears of the Kingdom? The Great Sky Island is the perfect tutorial area for you. Here, you’ll learn essential gameplay mechanics and unlock Link’s new abilities. However, the tutorial might take a while, especially for those who love exploring every nook and cranny.

Unlocked Ability: Ultrahand

The first shrine you’ll encounter on Great Sky Island is where you’ll learn the Ultrahand ability. This is similar to the Magnesis ability from Breath of the Wild, but with more uses. You can connect and attach not just metallic objects, but all sorts of items.

To get through this shrine, you’ll need to use Ultrahand to connect boards to create a bridge and cross to the next platform. You’ll also need to use hooks and cables to reach the end of the Shrine. Attach the hook to the board and place it onto the cable to get to the next area. As soon as you place your raft on the cable, jump on it and get moving.

Unlocked Ability: Fuse

The In-Isa Shrine is where you’ll learn the Fuse ability. You can increase weapons’ attack power and durability by combining them with different objects.

One of the challenges you’ll have to overcome in this Shrine is using a Thick Stick to fuse with one of the boulders to break rock walls to progress further. Once you’re in the next room, you’ll see a chest on top of a pillar on the left side. You can hit the pillar with your fused weapon to get the chest and five arrows. You can also harvest Fire Fruits to use them in crafting and get the Old Wooden Bow. This will help you solve the Shrine’s puzzle.

Unlocked Ability: Ascend

The Ascent ability allows you to reach new heights and spaces that would otherwise be inaccessible. Unlike Revali’s Gale, Ascend lets you travel through solid surfaces vertically.

To get through this Shrine, you’ll need to use Ascend to go through the pattered ceiling and get to the next area. Defeat the enemy using the weapons in your inventory or get a Stone Axe and a Construct Bow from chests and boxes in the Shrine. Once you’re across, you’ll see a moving platform on the left wall. Use Ascend to cross the gap to the next section of the Shrine. Repeat this process until you reach the end of the Shrine.

Unlocked Ability: Recall

The Recall ability allows you to rewind time on moving objects, making it a powerful ability.

Ride a raft using Recall to get to the next platform. Once you’re on top, use the cogwheel to push through and reach the treasure chest with 10 arrows inside. You’ll then see two spinning dialings above a gate. Wait for them to overlap and use the Recall ability to ensure that both dials move in sync. Keep going through the gate to receive the final Light of Blessing in the Great Sky Island.

Great Sky Island is an excellent starting point for Tears of the Kingdom. The tutorials and unlocking of new abilities will help you get familiar with the gameplay mechanics before you venture forth to Hyrule.