PlayStation Announces Streaming Handheld Project Q

Sony’s PlayStation Showcase may have been all about games for the most part, but there were a few hardware announcements thrown in as well. Project Q, a streaming-only device, was one of these announcements and has been generating some buzz.

What is Project Q?

Project Q is a portable device that can only stream titles from a connected PlayStation 5 (PS5) and cannot play games natively. It features all the traditional PlayStation buttons, adaptive triggers, and haptic feedback like the DualSense, which it resembles significantly. It also boasts an 8-inch HD screen, but there is no clear indication of the type of screen. Nonetheless, it should be noted that games must be pre-installed on the PS5 to play on the device, suggesting it won’t support PlayStation Plus Premium titles.

It is not yet clear how much Project Q will cost or when it will be available for purchase. More information about the device will be shared in the coming weeks or months.

Rumors about the device circulated back in April. Insider Tom Henderson commented that Sony was working on a streaming device with the codename Q Lite, describing it as a DualSense lookalike with an 8-inch screen. This report was mostly accurate. However, it claimed the device would support games that play in up to 1080p resolution, which Sony has not confirmed.