Top Tier Carries of the Current Meta – DOTABUFF

Carry heroes play a huge role in the game, and some are simply better than others in the current patch. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best carry heroes you should consider playing to win your matches.

Naga and Medusa

Despite having different fighting styles, Naga and Medusa share a similar strategic approach. Both heroes want to stay in lane for as long as possible and then start flash-farming the jungle to achieve unparalleled item timings.

Medusa is considered a much easier hero to play than Naga as her job is to stay alive at the start of a fight and deal damage by farming quickly. Typically, players only need to make a few good item choices to stay ahead of the competition. Manta Style is usually mandatory, followed by Eye of Skadi or Butterfly based on the game. Progression typically involves more damage through Daedalus or more utility through Scythe of Vyse.

Naga, on the other hand, requires a higher level of skill and ability to use effectively. Not only is it harder to get farm, but players must also separate their illusions and control them individually. However, Naga is a stronger hero than Medusa after recent Medusa nerfs because she’s much more mobile and has more options when it comes to the macro side of gameplay.


Another hero who is having a great time in the current patch is Slark. He is a lane dominator and has a unique in-and-out playstyle. Players must jump in, get a few hits, bait some spells, and get out to regen. This process repeats until the enemy is defeated.


Sven is a very straightforward hero who is very good at flash-farming, rarely loses his lane, and can easily create conditions where he is ahead of the enemy. With two ways to get to his target and more Aghanim’s Scepter changes, he is much harder to kite and can output impressive late-game DPS.


Bloodseeker is no longer just a “tempo carry,” but can finish the game if played effectively. Black King Bar is still his go-to item for fighting, but more players are opting for an Aghanim’s Scepter for extra protection. His Blood Mist ability makes him a better Leshrac or Pudge and is a great counter to illusion-based heroes like Terrorblade, Phantom Lancer, and Naga Siren.


These are our top picks for S-Tier carry heroes of the patch. Who would you pick as your carry hero? Share your thoughts in the comments below.