Project Zomboid – How to Get Rid of Queasy

Eliminating Queasy in Project Zomboid

If you’re playing Project Zomboid and feeling queasy, it’s important to take action since it can have a significant impact on your health. Keep reading to learn about the specific causes of queasiness in the game, as well as effective strategies for curing it.

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How to Get Rid Of Queasy in Project Zomboid

Queasiness typically occurs when your sickness level is between 25% and 49%. At this point, your body temperature will increase, leading to a faster thirst and fatigue rate. Additionally, a higher body temperature can reduce your attack speed. To avoid these negative consequences, it’s important to eliminate queasiness as quickly as possible.

Smoking – one of the reasons causing queasiness in Project Zomboid.

Causes of Queasiness in Project Zomboid

Queasiness is the first stage of sickness, so the causes of both are quite similar. Here are a few factors that can lead to queasiness:

  • Eating raw/bad food: If you consume rotten vegetables or uncooked meat, it can cause queasiness. It typically takes about 1.5 in-game hours to reach 25% sickness when eating raw or spoiled food.
  • Drinking tainted water: If you drink water from lakes, rivers, or ponds, it can lead to queasiness. This usually happens after about 50 in-game minutes.
  • Staying near many rotting corpses: The closer you are to rotting corpses, the faster you will experience queasiness.
  • Being infected by zombies: If you get infected by zombies, you will inevitably feel queasy. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this.
  • Smoking: Although cigarettes can reduce stress levels, consuming two of them can cause 26% sickness, which puts you in the queasy stage.
  • Being wet: If you stay outside in the rain for too long, it can cause queasiness.

Overall, it’s best to avoid these situations whenever possible to prevent queasiness.

Curing Queasy in Project Zomboid

To cure queasy feelings in Project Zomboid, you can use the same treatments that you would use for sickness. Here are a few approaches:

1. Stay Inside

The simplest way to cure queasy levels is to rest inside your house. It typically takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes to completely recover from 25% sickness.

2. Eat Well

Eating nutritious food can be an effective way to combat queasiness in Project Zomboid. It’s particularly important to avoid consuming canned food and instead focus on cooked meals. Additionally, make sure to eat in a safe place rather than in rainy weather.

3. Consume Lemongrass

Consuming one lemongrass can decrease sickness by 12%. If your sickness level is lower than 37%, then you can immediately eliminate queasiness by consuming one lemongrass. However, if your sickness level is higher, then you’ll need to try other methods in addition to consuming lemongrass.

That’s how you can get rid of queasy in Project Zomboid. Do you have any other tips to share? Let us know in the comments!