Supercell’s Thunderdome: Flood Rush vs Squad Busters

Supercell has recently launched two new games to beta testing, Flood Rush and Squad Busters. Despite Squad Busters being in its second beta testing phase and confirmed to feature characters from well-known titles, Flood Rush was a surprise release with little prior warning. As aspiring mega-hits, both games aim to reach the level of popularity and success enjoyed by titles like Clash of Clans, Hay Day, and Boom Beach, three of Supercell’s biggest surprises.

The Inevitability of Disappointment

Supercell follows a cutthroat approach to its catalogue, emphasizing and prioritizing the production of blockbuster games. With smaller teams working on titles like Squad Busters and Flood Rush, the developer has been known to discontinue games that don’t generate the expected traction, much like Boom Beach Frontlines, Clash Quest, and Everdale. It differs from other gaming companies that aim to create massive portfolios of games. Instead, Supercell concentrates on making a few well-known and well-loved games.

While Supercell is not as dedicated to a single franchise as Rovio is to Angry Birds, Squad Busters is an excellent example of the company’s crossovers. Nonetheless, if Supercell deduces that either game isn’t a mega-hit, it’s likely that they will be discontinued to redirect their teams to successful projects

Transparency is Key

Supercell has never hidden the truth regarding this unique gaming strategy, always admitting to chasing the grand slam game that will make the studio a household name. With the latest acquisition of Everdale by Metacore, who are reputed creators of Merge Mansion, one can hope that not all discontinued games will be lost in the sea of canceled projects indefinitely.