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NetEase Wins Plagiarism Lawsuit Against Producers of Soul Gods League of Masters

NetEase, a leading gaming company, has emerged victorious in a plagiarism lawsuit against the producers of the film Soul Gods League of Masters. The defendant has been ordered to pay 300 thousand yuan ($41.5k) as compensation to NetEase. All compensation awarded will be donated to animal welfare charities, showing NetEase’s commitment to supporting important causes.

Alleged Similarities Between Film and Game

The lawsuit claimed that there were significant similarities between the film and NetEase’s popular game, Onmyoji. These alleged similarities include resemblances between multiple characters, such as their overall shape and color scheme. Additionally, both the film and the game used the concept of “soul gods” in their promotion. The defendant, in a statement of apology, admitted that these similarities arose due to the lack of rigorous review during the production process.

Background on Onmyoji and Soul Gods League of Masters

Onmyoji, a card battler game, was initially released in 2016. It gained significant popularity, but later experienced a decline in traction. Despite this, NetEase remained confident in the game and even began working on a live-action film adaptation titled The Yinyang Master, which was released in 2021. Therefore, it is possible that NetEase wanted to prevent Soul Gods League of Masters from diverting attention away from its own film adaptation.

Soul Gods League of Masters, on the other hand, is a game that was first released in 2020. Its similarities to Onmyoji prompted NetEase to take legal action before its release.

NetEase’s History with Copyright Infringement

While NetEase has successfully defended its intellectual property rights in this case, it is important to note that the company itself has faced accusations of copyright infringement in the past. Earlier this year, pop star Jay Chou filed a lawsuit against NetEase, and the company also lost a plagiarism lawsuit filed by Riot in December. These incidents highlight the complex nature of intellectual property disputes in the gaming industry.

Despite these challenges, NetEase continues to thrive as one of the top mobile game makers. We recently listed NetEase among the top 50 mobile game makers of 2022, reflecting its ongoing success and influence in the industry.