Pokémon Presents Reveals New Pokémon And A Release Date For Scarlet And Violet DLC

Pokémon Presents Unveils Exciting New Details About Scarlet and Violet DLC

Today’s Pokémon Presents event treated fans to a wealth of updates on upcoming Pokémon titles. While there were announcements about Detective Pikachu Returns and classic games coming to Switch Online, the highlight of the showcase was undoubtedly the detailed reveal of the highly anticipated Scarlet and Violet DLC. Let’s dive into all the exciting information about Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero.

Release Date: September 13

Previously, it was known that one of the expansions, The Teal Mask, would be arriving in the fall. However, during Pokémon Presents, the exact release date was finally confirmed. On September 13, players will be able to venture beyond the Paldea region and explore the captivating area surrounding Kitakami Village. This is the central location of the DLC, which revolves around ancient folklore involving an Ogre and three legendary Pokémon: Okidogi, Munkidori, and Fezandipiti.

The Festival of Masks and a New Pokémon

During the Festival of Masks, which is taking place upon your arrival in Kitakami Village, players will have a chance to immerse themselves in the local culture and learn more about the mysterious legend. The village is renowned for its apple orchards, and it was also introduced to a new Pokémon called Dipplin, an evolution of the apple Pokémon Applin. It’s safe to assume that this candy-dipped creature has some connection to the village’s apple-centric tradition.

Exciting New Features: Ogre Oustin’ and Perrin’s Photography

Kitakami Village also offers a thrilling minigame called Ogre Oustin’, where players can ride their legendary Pokémon to pop balloons and earn mochi, a special food that can enhance a Pokémon’s base stats for competitive play. The Teal Mask will also introduce a new character named Perrin, a traveling photographer who needs players’ assistance in capturing photos. Additionally, players will have the opportunity to acquire a Roto-Stick, which is essentially a selfie stick for their Rotom Phone.

Introducing The Indigo Disk

The Indigo Disk expansion is expected to release in the winter, although an exact date has yet to be announced. In this expansion, players will become exchange students at Blueberry Academy, where they can partake in various activities such as attending classes, interacting with other students, and engaging in Pokémon battles. The academy’s elite battling group, known as the BB League, offers a formidable challenge to aspiring trainers. Climbing the ranks and defeating the school’s elite four, including the powerful Drayton and his new Pokémon Arachaludon, are just some of the exciting experiences that await players.

Blueberry Academy’s Terrarium and Bonds with Koraidon and Miraidon

At Blueberry Academy, players will have the opportunity to explore a massive terrarium that recreates various wild habitats, including savannah, coastal, canyon, and polar biomes. Each biome is home to new Pokémon waiting to be discovered. Moreover, players can strengthen their bonds with Koraidon and Miraidon through new trials that grant them temporary flying abilities. The trailer hints at the possibility of making this ability permanent. The academy also features the League Club, a customizable room where players can decorate, change their Pokéball throwing style, and invite trainers for battles and socializing.

A Teaser for Area Zero and Paradox Pokémon

As the trailer concludes, it teases that the journey will eventually lead players back to Area Zero, the namesake of the DLC. However, the specifics of what players will do in Area Zero or the reasons behind their return remain a mystery. Additionally, the trailer offered glimpses of two paradox Pokémon that appear to be inspired by the legendary Raikou and Cobalion.

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