Corsair K70 Max RGB Review

Improving on a Beloved Keyboard: Meet the Corsair K70 Max RGB

When it comes to updating a keyboard as widely loved as the Corsair K70 Pro RGB, the team at Corsair had a challenge on their hands. But they rose to the occasion by looking to the competition for inspiration and equipping the new K70 Max with features inspired by one of the most sought-after gaming keyboards on the market.

Corsair K70 Max RGB – Photos

Corsair K70 Max RGB – Design and Features

More than just an update to the K70 RGB Pro, the K70 Max is a direct response to Wooting, a company that disrupted the PC gaming space with their analog mechanical keyboard called the 60HE. While analog keyboards weren’t new, Wooting took things to the next level with the 60HE and its full-size sibling, the Two HE, by introducing innovative features not seen on any other gaming board.

Two of the most relevant features are Rapid Trigger and Mod-tap. The Rapid Trigger feature allows the switches on the 60HE to reset as soon as they begin to travel back up after a keypress. This is especially useful in tactical shooters like Valorant, where precise and quick movements are crucial. Mod-tap, on the other hand, allows for two different actions to be bound to a single key, thanks to the analog switches on the 60HE. This feature enhances convenience and efficiency, especially in competitive games where split-second decisions matter.

With the K70 Max, Corsair introduces their own magnetic linear switch called the Corsair MGX. While it lacks the Rapid Trigger capability of the Wooting switches, Corsair plans to release a firmware update later this month to add that feature to the K70 Max. In the meantime, users can adjust the actuation point of each MGX switch from 0.4mm to 3.6mm, with 0.1mm increments. This level of customization is a significant upgrade for competitive gamers who want full control over their keyboard.

The K70 Max retains the tray-mount design of its predecessor, but with the addition of two layers of silicone sound-dampening foam, it reduces resonance and provides a better typing experience. The keyboard also features double-shot PBT shine-through keycaps that showcase the RGB lighting, while the Corsair MGX switches offer a smooth and consistent typing experience that rivals Cherry MX Speed Silvers.

In terms of additional features, the K70 Max comes with a memory foam wrist rest, a braided cord, novelty keys, and a keycap puller. It also includes buttons for adjusting RGB brightness, disabling the Windows key, muting audio, and controlling media playback.

Corsair K70 Max RGB – Software

All the signature features of the K70 Max can be customized using Corsair’s iCue software, available for both Windows and macOS. The software allows users to create key actuation presets, with options for defining reset points and multiple activations. Profiles and lighting settings can be saved directly to the keyboard’s 8MB onboard storage, making it easy to transfer settings between devices.

Corsair K70 Max RGB – Gaming

The K70 Max’s analog switches truly shine in competitive first-person shooters and MOBAs, where precise movements and quick reactions are paramount. The ability to adjust the actuation point of keys enhances responsiveness and helps players execute advanced techniques more easily. Games like Apex Legends, with its air strafing mechanic, benefit greatly from the K70 Max’s capabilities.

Overall, the Corsair K70 Max RGB is a worthy successor to the K70 Pro RGB, offering significant improvements and features inspired by the competition. With its customizable MGX switches, sleek design, and user-friendly software, the K70 Max caters to the needs of serious gamers who demand the best performance from their gaming peripherals.