In Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2, Your Battle-Brothers Are Your Best Weapons

Saber Interactive is back with Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2, a highly anticipated sequel that once again puts players in the role of Lieutenant Titus and his Ultramarine brothers. This time, they face off against terrifying galactic horrors as part of the Imperium of Man. While the game features a compelling single-player mode with AI teammates, it also offers a three-player co-op campaign mode where players can team up to tackle swarms of Tyranids.

In an interview with GameSpot, Space Marine 2 creative director Oliver Hollis-Leick discussed how the co-op mode was designed to simulate the experience of being part of a Space Marine brotherhood. “On a fundamental level, the co-op aspect is about quality of experience. The Space Marines are a brotherhood, and when you play as a team of three, you immediately feel that sense of camaraderie and protection. You start to share in the glory,” Hollis-Leick explained.

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Hollis-Leick went on to discuss the tactical and strategic elements of the co-op mode. “When you’re facing a swarm of enemies and the battlefield situation can change rapidly, it’s crucial to be responsive and support your allies. You can tag enemies to focus fire, highlight useful weapons and equipment, but it’s mostly about finding a rhythm. Working together to take down tough enemies is key, and as you perform well, the AI director will ramp up the challenge. It’s all about riding the wave,” he said.

The AI director in Space Marine 2 is a constant presence that tests players’ skills. It throws hordes of Tyranids at the team, constantly challenging their strength and coordination. “It’s not just about the enemies you see on the screen; you’re also battling against the AI director, which controls the intensity of the swarms. It knows exactly when to push and when to pull,” Hollis-Leick added.

Publisher Focus Interactive has announced that more updates on Space Marine 2 will be revealed on August 30th. For a closer look at the game, players can explore how it turns them into powerful Ultramarines and discover Saber Interactive’s unique creative vision. As an Amazon Associate, GameSpot may earn from qualifying purchases made through links on this page.