Starfield flashlight mod projects Todd Howard’s face so you’re never alone in space

A Flashlight Mod of Starfield Features Todd Howard’s Face

A hilarious mod for Starfield has emerged, allowing players to project the image of game director Todd Howard through their flashlight. The mod, created by GeraldMods, can be downloaded on Nexus Mods and has already gained over 100 unique downloads. This mod adds a humorous twist to the game, creating a running joke within the Bethesda community.

Embracing the Joke

Modding Todd Howard’s face into Bethesda games has become an ongoing trend for fans. Titles like Skyrim and Fallout have seen similar mods featuring the director’s face. The recent “Todd Howard painting replacer” mod on Nexus Mods replaces all paintings in the Constellation Lodge with portraits of Todd Howard, further perpetuating the running joke.

Expanding Modding Possibilities

The flashlight modding trend in Starfield is gaining traction, with others creating their own versions. One mod, for example, features Ryan Gosling from Blade Runner 2049. In just a week since its early access release, Starfield has already received numerous mods, including a helpful one that adds DLSS capability to the game. It’s clear that the modding community will continue to thrive and produce even more creative additions to the game in the future.

A Surprising Hiring Move

Recently, it was revealed that Bethesda hired a prominent modder from the Skyrim and Fallout community for the development of Starfield. Emmi Junkkari, known for her work in lighting and clutter mods, announced on Twitter that she had to keep the game’s details secret prior to its release. This move highlights the studio’s recognition and appreciation of its devoted modding community.

Official Launch Details

Starfield is scheduled to officially launch on September 6 for Xbox Series X|S and PC. However, players who pre-ordered the Premium Edition or Constellation Edition have early access to the game. Be sure to check out our comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about Starfield and our list of the best Xbox Series X games currently available.