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In-game Blockchain Specialist Adds 6 New Bitcoin Games to Its Collection

In-game blockchain specialist Zebedee has recently expanded its entertainment hub by adding six new mobile games. These games are designed with a play-to-earn gameplay format that allows players to earn portions of Bitcoins, known as “Sats”.

The Importance of Blockchain and Crypto in Gaming

Zebedee, a financial tech company based in New Jersey, understands the significant role that blockchain and cryptocurrencies play in supporting mobile games. However, they also emphasize the difference between using cryptocurrencies as player rewards and using them to evade app store fees, which some companies have done in the past.

Zebedee’s platform now features six new games: Bitcoin2048, Bitcoin Cards, Dubbz Arcade, Finke Desert Race Game, Satoshi Goals, and Winstreakz. According to Mobidictum, players can accumulate Bitcoin fragments within these games and redeem them for gift vouchers, send them to friends, or use them directly within the games.

Zebedee has been no stranger to Bitcoin rewards. In fact, their partnership with the advertising and monetization platform adjoe earlier this year allowed players in adjoe’s ecosystem to earn Bitcoin rewards without any initial investment, providing newcomers with an accessible entry into the crypto market.

One of Zebedee’s notable Bitcoin-based mobile games is Bitcoin Miner, which was developed in collaboration with Fumb Games. The game has attracted over 1 million players who have the opportunity to generate Bitcoin-based rewards by engaging with the game. Similar to the six new titles, these rewards can also be converted into gift cards.

“We’re thrilled to welcome the latest wave of game developers and titles to the ZBD entertainment mobile app,” said Simon Cowell, CEO and co-founder of Zebedee. “By adopting the ZBD API, these developers can offer fast, safe, and trusted monetary rewards and transactions for their players. The integration process is quick and easy for developers and gamers alike, making it a win-win situation.”

Another example of the gaming industry embracing Bitcoin is the partnership between Niantic and Fold, which resulted in the creation of an augmented reality Bitcoin metaverse experience in 2021.