Baldur’s Gate 3 ‘Built for PS5 From Day One,’ DualSense Features Detailed

The Baldur’s Gate 3 PS5 port brings exclusive features and optimized gameplay for console

The highly intricate RPG, Baldur’s Gate 3, is set to make a smooth transition to the PlayStation 5, thanks to the efforts of Larian Studios. According to a post on the PlayStation Blog, the game has been built specifically for the PS5 since its inception, ensuring an optimized console gaming experience.

An optimized user interface for console gaming

Product manager Emily Gera explained in the blog post how the team at Larian Studios adapted the game’s intricate interface to suit a controller. They transformed the original user interface into radial menus, making it more intuitive and accessible for console players. The most essential tools can be accessed easily with the pull of a trigger button, providing quick access to features like the map, journal, spellbook, character sheet, combat log, alchemy, short rests, long rests, camp, level-up screen, and Illithid Powers skill tree.

Game director Swen Vincke confirmed that the development team had put considerable effort into completely transforming the user experience for the PS5 port. They worked diligently to ensure a seamless gameplay experience with a controller, and the feedback from PC players using a controller has been positive so far.

Enhanced gameplay mechanics for console

Players will control their avatar directly using the PS5’s analog stick, similar to a standard third-person game. However, the game also offers a point-and-click mode for those who prefer the PC movement style. In addition, Larian Studios adjusted the camera for the console port, lowering it to provide a more natural and familiar console action game feel. The camera can also be zoomed out using the right stick, offering a traditional tactical view.

Exclusive features for PS5 users

PS5 players can enjoy a few exclusive features that enhance their gaming experience. The DualSense controller’s lightbar will illuminate and correspond with the spell being cast, adding an immersive element. The brightness of the lightbar intensifies during particularly intense moments, accompanied by haptic feedback. Furthermore, status effects will be indicated by different colors on the DualSense’s lightbar. The adaptive triggers also offer gameplay relevance, as a slight pull of the trigger reveals a portion of the radial menu, while applying more pressure displays the full extent of the menu.