How to Find the Lost Dataslate

How to Complete the Beautiful Secrets Quest in Starfield

So, you’ve arrived in the Commercial District of New Atlantis and stumbled upon the local branch of Enhance! You may have had a slightly awkward conversation with the man in the chair. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. If you need assistance in finding Warner’s lost dataslate, here’s a guide on how to complete the Beautiful Secrets quest in Starfield.

Where Can You Find the Lost Dataslate?

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After accepting Warner’s request for help, he’ll mention that he may have left the dataslate somewhere he had recently been. He mentions three locations: TerraBrew, Whetstone, and the Valberg building. However, your quest marker will not provide an exact location.

You have the freedom to visit any of the three locations in any order. However, you’ll only find Warner’s dataslate at the Whetstone Restaurant. It will be on a table at the back, next to his drink called The Top Shelf. If you’re having trouble finding it, activate your scanner to highlight the slate on the table. Once you have retrieved the dataslate, return it to Warner. He will reward you with 1300 credits and show his gratitude.

Upon completing this task, you will have finished the Beautiful Secrets quest in Starfield. Unlike many other side quests in New Atlantis, there are no further missions available from Warner. If you encounter someone else in need of assistance and you’re unsure how to help them, remember to check back here for more guides.

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