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Insights from Razer’s Head of Account Management

As the highly anticipated PGC Helsinki event approaches, exciting details are being revealed about what attendees can expect. Among the impressive roster of speakers is Michael Mucci, the head of account management at Razer. With his expertise in Razer’s alternative payments efforts and the growth of their mobile rewards system, Razer Gold, Mucci has invaluable insights to share. Recently, Razer Gold welcomed Finnish powerhouse Supercell on board, making Finland the focal point of our attention. We spoke with Mucci to learn more about this exciting partnership and the industry in general.

The Importance of the Alternative Payment Market for Razer

At Razer, we are dedicated gamers who understand the holistic gaming experience. Our community of 200 million worldwide users engages with our top-notch hardware, which provides ultimate gaming performance. Additionally, our software optimizes this hardware and enhances the immersive experience. Equally important are our services related to payment.

Payments play a crucial role in the overall gaming experience. With the shift in the gaming industry towards Games as a Service over the past decade, the ability to make online purchases has become increasingly important. This is particularly true in emerging markets, where online payment methods are not widely adopted. These markets, however, boast some of the largest gaming audiences and are experiencing the fastest growth in player bases worldwide. At Razer, we prioritize building products and services tailored to this essential part of our community. This community represents the largest, youngest, and fastest-growing segment of gamers.

Partnering with Supercell and the Potential for Finnish Studios

Our partnership with Supercell is only the beginning. Finland is home to some of the world’s finest game developers, making it an exciting target for our services. Attending PGC this year allows us to explore further opportunities and connect with great partners in Finland.

Anticipated Talks at PGC Helsinki

I am particularly interested in attending the talks on “The Regulation of Free-to-Play” and “Legal Risks of Loot Boxes” at PGC Helsinki. These are complex topics that regulatory bodies around the world are addressing in various ways. The outcomes of these discussions will undoubtedly shape the gaming industry and its practices going forward.

The Importance of Events like Pocket Gamer Connects

Building and maintaining a successful game takes a collective effort. Many individuals have fantastic ideas and concepts but lack the support of a community. PGC provides an environment akin to a village, with a wide range of industry professionals and their invaluable experience gathered in one place. For aspiring and established members of the gaming industry, PGC offers an opportunity to elevate the quality of their games. As a gamer, this is what excites me the most about events like PGC since they contribute to raising the overall standards of the industry. They enhance the gaming experience not only for me but also for the next generation of gamers, who will be able to enjoy games that have had a lasting impact.

Exciting Plans for Razer

We are thrilled to announce that our partnership with Sega will kick off this month with the launch of payments for Hatsune Miku: Colourful Stage! Additionally, we are constantly introducing new content through partnerships with companies like Tencent and miHoYo. Stay tuned for more exciting news about Razer Gold.