This secret Starfield feature helps you keep track of unexplored planets

Discover a Hidden Feature in Starfield: The Secret Star Map

Starfield, the highly anticipated video game, has a hidden feature that only a few players are aware of. According to a post shared on the game’s official subreddit, a player has discovered a secret star map feature that tracks their travels across the galaxy.

The player, who is at level 34, recently realized this about the star map while attempting to visit every star. Opening the map in Starfield reveals a massive chart that displays all the accessible planets and their corresponding star systems. This feature allows players to Grav Jump to their desired destinations.

Initially, the star systems closest to the player are easily accessible. However, the chart also includes red stars that are farther away, as well as white-coded stars and stars with a glowing halo effect. The Redditor has deciphered the meaning behind these colors, and it turns out to be quite useful for keeping track of the player’s progress.

White-coded stars indicate that the player hasn’t visited them yet, but they are within jumping range. Red stars, on the other hand, require players to jump to a nearby star before reaching them. If a star is glowing with a halo effect, it means the player has been there before.

Personally, I have played approximately 30 hours of Starfield and had no knowledge of this feature until it was mentioned. It’s a clever system that expands the vastness of the Starfield universe. Many users on the Reddit post expressed similar surprise upon learning this information.

Initially, it was thought that the red stars marked with a “level 55” indicator were too high level to visit and would result in immediate death upon arrival. However, it turns out that players can explore these locations by calculating their course and being cautious of potential dangers.

If you’re eager to try out Starfield, it is now available on Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Xbox Game Pass.


Unveiling the secret star map feature in Starfield has added a new level of excitement for players. Use the map wisely to navigate the vast galaxy and discover all its wonders.