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Social Impact in Avakin Life: PlanetPlay Partners with Lockwood Publishing to Promote Climate-Conscious Behavior

PlanetPlay, a social and environmental impact platform, has announced an exciting collaboration with Lockwood Publishing, the creator of the popular mobile metaverse platform, Avakin Life. Together, they aim to inspire players to adopt climate-conscious behavior and make a real-world impact in the fight against climate change.

A Sustainable Gaming Experience

As part of this partnership, Avakin Life will introduce over 30 eco-friendly in-game items for players to purchase. These items will give players the opportunity to embrace sustainable living within the game. Each eco-friendly item will be marked with a green leaf, indicating that a portion of the proceeds from its purchase will generate “green coins”.

These “green coins” can be donated via PlanetPlay’s platform and API to Kenya’s Hongera Clean Cookstove Project. This non-profit organization provides clean and energy-efficient cookstoves to regions in Kenya that struggle with poverty. By distributing 150,000 stoves, the project aims to mitigate over 1.7 million tons of CO2 emissions throughout its lifetime.

Driving Positive Change through Gaming

The collaboration between PlanetPlay and Lockwood Publishing highlights the power of gaming to drive positive real-world change. Avakin Life, with its strong presence in the mobile metaverse scene, is well-suited to promote this initiative.

“Working with PlanetPlay, and with the support of the amazing Avakin Life community, we are committed to making a significant and lasting impact on climate change through this initiative – which underscores the power of gaming to drive positive real-world change,” said Ivee Feria-Padua, Product Director of Avakin Life.

A Sustainable Future for Mobile Gaming

This collaboration is just the latest in Lockwood Publishing’s efforts to partner with organizations that prioritize sustainability. PlanetPlay, known for its previous collaborations with independent game studio Flick, understands the growing demand for environmental-themed content in gaming.

A recent survey conducted by PlanetPlay revealed that 81% of 400,000 gamers surveyed expressed interest in seeing environmental-themed content in games. Additionally, 61% of respondents were willing to pay for such content if it enhances their gaming experience. This data reflects the increasing importance of sustainability and eco-consciousness in the gaming industry.

Furthermore, in line with the push for sustainability, the European Union has recently implemented new regulations that require all phones to have user-replaceable batteries by 2027.