The best armor and spacesuits in Starfield – and how to get them

The best armor in Starfield is determined by the spacesuit you wear. While helmets and packs provide some defensive bonuses, spacesuits are what primarily contribute to your armor rating. Finding the best armor means finding the best spacesuits in the game. However, most of the armors you come across in Starfield are subpar. It’s much more appealing to wear pristine armor with exceptional stats than a dead Spacer’s sweaty spacesuit. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of the best suits in Starfield and how to obtain them.

The Best Armor in Starfield

If you know where to look, you can find the best armor in Starfield, and some of it can be obtained early on in the game. Here are the best spacesuits in the game, which often come with matching packs and helmets:

  • Mark I Spacesuit
  • Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit
  • Mercury Spacesuit
  • Mantis Spacesuit
  • Starborn Spacesuit

Unlike the best ships and weapons, there are fewer skills related to finding the best armor. The only skill worth investing in is Spacesuit Design, found in the second tier of Science. This skill allows you to craft better mods if any of the aforementioned choices don’t meet your requirements.

Mark I Spacesuit, Helmet, and Pack

To obtain the Mark I spacesuit, helmet, and pack, you can find it in the basement of The Lodge in New Atlantis. At the far end of the room, along with a framed painting and storage boxes, there is a mannequin inside a glass case. By positioning your cursor in the gap between the door and the case, you can loot the mannequin from inside. If this exploit doesn’t work, increase your Security skill to rank three to hack the Master-level lock on the case. The Mark I spacesuit has top-tier stats and can be further customized with mods.

Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit and Space Helmet

To acquire Gran-Gran’s spacesuit and space helmet, you must have chosen the Kid Stuff trait at the start of the game, which means your parents are alive. Since they live in New Atlantis, you can visit them whenever you want. After visiting them a few times, your mom will share a story about your fictional grandma’s involvement in the UC Marines. Once she finishes her tale, she will give you Gran-Gran’s spacesuit and space helmet. This bulky spacesuit comes with the Pocketed mod, which increases your carrying capacity, and its stats are comparable to the Mark I spacesuit. To expedite the process, ensure you visit your parents every 24 hours by sleeping for a few days.

Mercury Spacesuit

The Mercury Spacesuit can be found on a mannequin during the “Unearthed” main quest. In a room full of museum pieces, including the Spirit Rover exhibit, you’ll find the Mercury Spacesuit. While this 1950s-inspired attire may not be the most flattering, it offers impressive stats and also comes with the Pocketed mod. If you didn’t choose the Kid Stuff trait, this suit serves as a viable alternative to Gran-Gran’s armor. However, you’ll need to progress through the main story to locate it.

Mantis Spacesuit

The “Mantis” side quest leads you to a secret base on a remote planet. Completing this quest allows you to obtain the Mantis Spacesuit, helmet, and pack. This legendary-tier armor provides three built-in perks, although the perks are randomized. You can redo the quest multiple times to get a different set of perks if you’re not satisfied with the initial ones. The Mantis Spacesuit surpasses the Mark I spacesuit in terms of stats, but acquiring it may require more effort.

Starborn Spacesuit

Upon completing the game and entering The Unity, also known as starting New Game Plus, you will automatically receive the Starborn Spacesuit. The first time you become Starborn, you wake up on your new Starborn Guardian ship with the Astra Starborn Spacesuit. This suit boasts high defense and resistance stats, making it one of the best spacesuits in the game. Subsequent entries into New Game Plus will reward you with even better versions of the Starborn Spacesuit, with the Venator suit being the final upgrade after the tenth entry. Although obtaining the final suit requires significant effort, it’s worth it if you aim to be the best Starborn in the galaxy. Plus, it looks pretty cool compared to the other spacesuits available.