Lies of P update brings balance changes and easier respec

Puppet Soulslike Lies of P Update Makes Game Easier

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The popular puppet-based Soulslike game, Lies of P, has received an update that aims to improve the balance and make the game slightly easier for players. According to the update notes, several changes have been implemented to field monsters and bosses, resulting in decreased HP for enemies and increased rewards for players.

Specifically, field monsters now have reduced HP and an increased chance of breaking their stance, along with an extended staggerable window time. Bosses like the Fallen Archbishop Andreus and King of Puppets have also undergone HP reductions, while Simon Manus, Awakened God, now has reduced HP and damage.

In addition to these enemy adjustments, the drop rates of Moonstone items, used for weapon improvement, and Ergo items, used for leveling up, have been increased. However, the drop rate of Star Fragments, which are used to summon help, has been reduced. Overall, these changes should create a more favorable balance for players.

The update also brings changes to the Gold Coin Tree, a unique feature in the game. The tree now allows players to reset their character’s level, P-Organ, and Legion Arms, providing more flexibility in experimenting with puppet builds. The required amount of gold coins needed for a reset has been adjusted, likely decreased, making it easier for players to respec their characters.

Several other minor tweaks and bug fixes have been implemented in this update as well. For a detailed list of changes, players can refer to the full update notes on Steam.

“Lies of P has strong enough foundations in its edgy tone and tweaked weapons to provide an enjoyable experience for those in need of a FromSoft fix,” Eurogamer stated in their review of the game.